It’s happening!

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I’m Kathi, 19 years old, from Germany and you are here to read about my year as an au pair!
Last week I found my perfect family, which I will spend the next year with. They live in a small town called Huntington in West Virginia and have 4 children. The twin boys are 13, the younger brother 10 and the little girl is 5. The kids will be with me every other week because their parents are divorced and they spend one week with their dad and his wife (where I will live, too) and one week with their mom.
Having the kids every other week does not mean that I will work only every other week. Since they have a huge house, there is always a little work to be done, which I will do when the kids are not at home.

I will fly to New York on the 15th June to spend 5 days at the training school and after that my year as an au pair can finally begin!

I am already so excited and I can’t even realize that my dream is now coming true!

Love, Kathi.❤️