New York, New York! 🗽🇺🇸❤️

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The last weeks have been filled with buying stuff I need, preparing everything for the big goodbye and having a great farewell party with all of my friends and the people I love.

Yesterday we landed in New York to stay in this great city until friday. We are 24 au pairs in a training school right next to the Central Park, which we already explored after our long flights. It’s been a really long day for the European au pairs because of the different time zones, but we’re never too tired to explore a big city!
The next three days will be filled with a workshop about how to take care of babies and children, what to do and what not to do with them. It’s not that interesting because I already know all of the stuff that we’re getting told, but our coordinator Abby is pretty cool and tells a lot of things she already experienced in her life.
Our evenings will be free for everyone and as we have no curfew, we can always going to the city or the park or do whatever we want to do. It’s really cool here, but I’m also excited to finally meet my hostfamily in three days! Then I will have a new home and my year as an au pair in the US will finally begin!

Love, Kathi❤️




Central Park

Sweet fruit shop 😍


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