Hello, Huntington!

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On friday morning we had to leave New York to fly to the cities, which will be our homes for the next year. We took last pictures
and then we were picked up by a shuttle to be driven to the aiports. That wouldn’t have been a problem if the shuttle hadn’t have been 45 minutes late, instead of 9:45 he arrived at 10:30. My flight was at 1:30, so we still had enough time. After driving for like 10 minutes, the bus suddenly lost one of his mirrors. It wasn’t completly falling off, but it was still hanging on a small cable. So we stopped and the driver called someone to get a new bus, which didn’t work out. There was no bus available. So after a while he just put the mirror on the bonnet and tried to drive really slowly, so it wouldn’t fall down again. Of course it didn’t just lay there, so after a few more minutes it was falling down again. By this time it was 11:30 and we started to get nervous about the flights, because we only had 2 hours left. So the bus driver tried to put the mirror behind the windshield wiper and drove on. We were so slowly, but when we finally arrived at the airport weSothe bus driver tried to put the mirror behind the windshield wiper and drove on. We were so slowly, but when we finally arrived at the airport, we grabbed our luggage and checked in and were early enough to catch our flights.
KPHX-5_22_14-17 It was a supersmall airplane, with about 60 seats, I’ve never been in such a small plane!
From New York to Philadelphia there was a man sitting next to me who was living on Long Island and was flying to Wisconsin, to go to a wedding. On my way to Charleston I met a man who lives somewhere in between Charleston and Huntington. We talked a lot about being an au pair and West Virginia and of course Germany and our beer and our highways. It was pretty fun and I learned a lot.
When we arrived at the airport we were still talking and passed a few waiting people without seeing my host mum  and her niece. So I got my suitcase and he offered to wait with me until they would come. So I was standing in front of the airport with the man I met in the plane and his wife until I was going through the airport again and I finally found them and I was so happy to see them!
We were driving to my host mum’s parents who were also excited to see me and they are so lovely people. I even got a cake from them! ❤️
When we got home, they showed me the whole house, which ist big, just like everything in America!
I have an amazing room with a bathroom which I will share with the little girl, once the kids will return home from their vacation.
After that we were just chilling on the couch, watching a movie and going to bed afterwards because we were all very exhausted..
We started my first morning with a cup of coffee and going to town, me driving the big car, although I wasn’t even allowed, as we’ve been told afterwards. We went grocery shopping and my hostmum showed me some shops and restaurants downtown. After we returned home and had some chinese leftovers, we decided to go to the cinema to watch ALOHA, which is a really nice movie, especially because Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone are in there. 😉
Since one movie never is enough, we watched THE OTHER WOMAN while my host dad was making Enchiladas (very, very delicious!😍)
So we had dinner and my host mum and her niece went to bed early, while my host dad and I were watching BATMAN and the DEVIL, which  was probably my last horror movie ever, I was so scared! And I’m never going to go into elevators again, after I’ve seen what could happen in there.
Today we went to the Countryclub, where we had a great buffet and enjoyed our time at the pool, because it was very hot and the sun was shining the whole day, which was great, because it has been raining all the time since I arrived in West Virginia.
11349987_900032670055418_1970506331_n The country club is great (:
Right now I’m sitting on the back stairs and the weather is still really nice. We’re gonna cook some steaks and maybe watch a movie and finish a perfect chill day.
Love, Kathi ❤️

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