First week with ‘my’ kids :)

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So, I’ve been in the US for three weeks now and it’s amazing. After the first week without kids, we met with their mother to pick them up and within a few seconds the house was filled with voices, screams and laughter. We had a great week and a lot of new things happened to me.

I finally got my drivers license, so I am finally allowed to drive the big car.😃


We also had an early birthday party for the little girl with visits from Spiderman and Batman, a big cake, many presents and many friends of her and the whole family.(:

During the week I got to know one of the babysitters, who will also be here in the next year, to help taking the kids to all of their many activities, which will be happening at the same times…

On friday, my hostdad, the kids and I left Huntington, to spend the weekend in Louisville, Kentucky, at the kid’s grandparent’s. We had a nice weekend, with a little birthday party for the little girl, a quick trip downtown to the university of Louisville, a nice grilled dinner and lots of fireworks in honor of the 4th of July.

IMG_4313  ‘The Thinker’ in front of the university

11719900_906524379406247_249722029_n 11717086_906524389406246_1546932660_n11719881_906524382739580_121881428_n Happy 4th of July!🎉

On sunday we dropped of the boys at a camp in Louisville, not without stopping at the trunk, a tourist attraction in Louisville, to take a few pictures there.

Arriving at the camp, we made sure, everyone finds the right cabin, where they will stay until sunday, said goodbye to the little girl, who will stay the week at her grandparent’s and drove home, not without ordering some Indian food on our way, to have an easy dinner at home.(:

That was pretty much everything that happened the last week and all I can say, is, that I really like the kids and that I had so much luck to find this hostfamily, which, so far, seems to be the perfect one for me.☺️

Love, Kathi.❤️


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