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The kids haven’t been with us the last three weeks, so I figured to use my free time to make a first weekend trip. Well, it wasn’t really a weekend trip, I departed on Wednesday night with a train from the really small train station. It took me 13 hours to arrive in Chicago, in which I got to know a guy from California, who had the seat next to me. He was really nice and we talked the whole time (except the time we were asleep). Sleeping in a train is the most uncomfortable thing ever. You wake up every half an hour because you can’t really find a good position that doesn’t look too weird, without lying on the person next to you.

When I arrived at the station, I thought it would be a good idea to stretch my legs after 13 hours of sitting and walk to the apartment I was staying at ( which it wasn’t because it was way too hot to walk 30 minutes through the crowded city. But I got a first view of the city, which was great 😊

When I got to the apartment, I met the girl who lives there, who is nice and showed me around the city a little bit.:)

Cloud Gate -  das bekannteste Wahrzeichen der Stadt
Cloud Gate – das bekannteste Wahrzeichen der Stadt
Promenade at Lake Michigan
Promenade at Lake Michigan
just a few really high buildings around Millennium Park
just a few really high buildings around Millennium Park

On Friday I just had a chilly day on the beach and shopping on Michigan avenue, and spent the evening at the beach again, which was lovely.

Chicago at night
Chicago at night

Before I got on the train again on Saturday evening I spend a little time in the city, because I had to leave the apartement at noon, so I just walked around a little bit, bought enough to eat for the train (which was of course not enough 😃) and was was on time at the train station. The way back was even worse because the AC was broken and even if it was okay in the beginning, the later it got, the hotter it got and sleeping was kinda impossible. So I was really glad when I finally got home again and was able to sleep in my own bed for a couple hours.

I had a great time in Chicago and I’m glad that I went there, even if sitting in the train for 13 hours is not the nicest way of travelling.

Tomorrow the kids are coming back and I’m already excited to final see them for 2 weeks in a row and get to do why I’m here 😊

Love, Kathi ❤️


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