1st week, summer

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From now on, I’m trying to write more. About what happens here, what I experience and how I feel about everything. I will try to give a weekly update, we’ll see, if that works out.😉

My first week in my new family was exiting, exhausting and educational.

After dinner on Sunday I fainted a little bit, because I hadn’t slept in two days and sitting in a train for the whole day is not the best for your circulation. So we decided that I needed to sleep and would not work on Monday, which was possible because one of the former au pairs is here for a visit until September 3rd, so she took over for a day. I had a nice long sleep and had enough time to unpack my suitcases and arrange my room as I wanted to.

The boys came home for lunch after a morning at a playground and in the afternoon we drove to the pool. We stayed there a few hours and went home for dinner.

We did this program with the boys the whole week, because that’s the best to do with boys, who have a lot of energy. In the mornings, when it’s still a little cold, we were at playgrounds and spent the afternoons at the pool, which was always fun. We only needed to stay at home on Thursday because it was raining, and that’s when I learned, that these boys should not be in the house for the whole day. That only ends in fights and endless discussions about who did what and why and who’s fault it is.

The work is exhausting, but totally worth it. Especially when we have some Frozen Yoghurt afterwards or go shopping or have some cake at the cheesecake factory.😊 All the money I saved during my time in West Virginia, will now just fly away,  I already know it. But I will give my best to take special care of it and save half of the money I earn to be able to travel and have a great 13th month, when I’m over with this year.😊

On Saturday we drove to Elysburg, Pennsylvania, where we visited Knobles, a big amusement park. We stayed the whole day and had a lot of fun on all the different rides. We mostly did the ones for the kids, but that was totally okay 😉  It was a great day and we were all really tired when we came home late at night.

this does not even show, how many people were there...
this does not even show, how many people were there…
you're never too old to take a ride on a carousel!
you’re never too old to take a ride on a carousel!


took a tour on one of those old cars.
took a tour on one of those old cars.:)

On Sunday, we decided to take the Metro to DC, so I could go there for my first time and the former au pair can see it again, before she leaves us to go back to Germany next week. We went shopping, visited the president and had great dinner the Vapiano in Chinatown.😊

he didn’t want to talk to me, so I just waved, but no one waved back…

That’s it about last week, hopefully until next week!


Kathi ❤️


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