2nd week, last week of summer

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No kid is ever happy to go back to school after summer break. Every parent is. I now understand how totally happy my parents must have been every time school started again.😃

The first weeks of vacation are always great, but when your kids spend 10 weeks almost all the time together, then the last two weeks will be full of fighting. Not because they don’t like each other, but because they get really bored and don’t really know what to do anymore.

We went to the playgrounds and the pool again every day this week and they had enough time to use all their energy, but sometimes that’s not enough… This will change when they go back to school and will have their daily routine again. Hopefully.

On Friday it was ‘back to school day’, which means, we all drove to their school, met all of their teachers, talked to everyone, and they finally got to see some of their friends again. (In America, friendships are based on schools, where the kids go to and since we live far away from school, in another neighborhood, they didn’t meet many of their friends during the whole summer.)

It was an exciting day for them, and the teachers seemed really nice, so the kids will be in good hands this year.😊

The evenings this week were as always… We either had frozen yogurt or went shopping. Or both.😃

big love.❤️
big love.❤️

On Thursday it was Lisa’s birthday, so we had Lasagna and my host mum made a really cake for her, which was both really delicious 😊

Rainbow cake :)
Rainbow cake 😊

And then it was finally there! THE WEEKEND! 😃 (I think that’s what every au pair lives for. Not because we don’t love our kids, but because the weekdays are a lot of work.)

On saturday, we got up at 7, to spend 3 hours in the car. Doesn’t sound like fun, but it was totally worth it. We drove to the Virginia Aquarium, where we spend a few hours looking at sharks, petting stingrays and watching sea turtles and fishes swimming around. It was fun and we learned a lot, the boys really loved it.😊

Virginia Aquarium
Virginia Aquarium
some striped fishes.😃
a shiny jellyfish 🙂
Try to be like a turtle. At ease in your own shell.:)
'ready to eat you!'
‘ready to eat you!’
When seahorses find a mate, they wrap their tails around each other so the tide doesn’t drift them apart. They have that one mate for the rest of their lives. When the mate dies, they do too.


just keep swimming, swimming, swimming :)
just keep swimming, swimming, swimming 😊
just a little shark.
No Aquarium without dinosaurs.
No Aquarium without dinosaurs.

After the Aquarium we remembered the real reason for the long journey. THE BEACH. We were at Virginia beach, the weather was great (although the sun wasn’t shining we had 29°/86° ) and the water was really nice 😊

Virginia Beach :)
Virginia Beach 😊
Life is better at the beach. 😊

On Sunday I slept in, enjoyed my last morning, before I will need to start working tomorrow morning at 6.

At 2 pm, I met with some au pairs at the Great Falls Park and we had a nice picnic and enjoyed the view on the falls afterwards. I had a good time and I’m sure I’m gonna see the girls again 😊

Great Falls Park
Great Falls Park ❤️
au pairs I got to meet :)
au pairs I got to meet 😊

In the evening I had a little meeting with my community counselor, to get to know each other. She is a really nice woman and I look forward to having monthly meetings with her and the other girls.😊

That’s it for this week.😊 And now I really need to go to bed, my days start early and I need some sleep.😃

Love, Kathi.❤️


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