3rd week, back to school, labor day weekend

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My alarm goes off at 5.45am. I try to be downstairs in the kitchen at six. The decision between making pancakes or making waffles is mostly the same. Waffles are easier to make. I make waffles, I bake some bacon, I set the table. It’s 6:30. I wake up the boys, send them downstairs while I pick out their clothes,. We have breakfast. I remind them 5 times to brush their teeth and change into some clothes. They manage to put on their shoes at 7:10. We need to leave at 7:05.

Driving them to school and picking them up again is like being in a drive through of a fast food restaurant. You wait in a line, you drive to the back door, you stop in front of it, the kids jump out and you make space for the ones behind you. Picking them up is the same just at an other door.

After their in school, my first part is done. I drive home, clean up the kitchen, make some laundry, if needed and then I have free time until 2:15, when I go to pick them up again.

Last week, Lisa was still here, so we used our mornings to get her everything she wanted to buy before she needed to leave on Thursday. We didn’t do so much in the evenings, because when the boys come home, we make them do their homework, they have a snack, we try to go outside for a little bit, then we make dinner for them and it’s mostly almost 8 until I’m done working.

On Thursday, my host mum came home early and we went out for a last dinner before we dropped Lisa off at the Airport. I am really happy, that I got to meet her and that she helped me during my first weeks and told me everything I needed to know.😊


Fridays are usually shorter days for me, so I always have a whole weekend off.😊

My host mum works from home on these days, so she’s able to take the boys as soon as they come home from school. This Friday, we used the morning, to go to Target, because it was Force Friday and they sold exclusive Star Wars stuff that was only available on that day. We all got T-shirts, which we will wear on the premiere of The Force Awakens 😃 (yes, that’s what many American people do.) We also went to Costco, which is a huge market where you can buy everything in big packages, but cheaper. So if you want to buy toilet paper, it’s cheap, but you buy at least 18 rolls at a time. And if you want to buy Nutella, you can’t just buy the one with 400g, you need to buy at least 2 with 800g. But it is a really cool market and I really enjoyed shopping there.😃

Saturday morning we packed our things, the boys went to a scout meeting for two hours and at 2 it was finally the moment we were all waiting for. We put everything in the car and left for Pennsylvania to go camping for 3 days.

My host mum was born in Pennsylvania as one of the Pennsylvania Dutch people, who were Germans who came to the US in the 18th century. They settled down there because it reminded them of Germany, with it hills and fields and the climate is the same. It really looks like Germany and we all felt really home, when we arrived there.

corn fields :)
corn fields 🙂


I don’t really have good pictures that could show how it really looks, but for me it didn’t look American at all. 🙂

It was a 3 hour trip and we needed to stop on half way because someone was hungry (guess who.✌️). When we finally arrived we were welcomed by the boy’s grandparents, who had already parked their trailer and made some dinner for all of us. We had hamburgers and pasta salad and potato salad and some oatmeal cake. It was really delicious.

At 8:30 they had bingo. I never played bingo before, but the price of the last game was a cooler full with bacon and eggs and bread for breakfast the next morning, so I gave it a try. But of course, none of us won… (We still hat bacon and eggs for breakfast the next morning.😃)

Watch me losing :D
Watch me losing 😀

We went to bed early, but not without taking a look at the beautiful night sky with billions of stars, that we will never be able to see at home.

The next day we shot some arrows with our bows, played basketball, went fishing in the Creek and had a great time with my host mum’s sister and her husband and their two little kids, who came to visit us.😊 The evening ended with a barbecue and Marshmallows, that we made over the fireplace.

no one wanted to let me shoot an apple from one of the boy's head...
no one wanted to let me shoot an apple from one of the boy’s head…
The boys love fishing...
The boys love fishing…
Not my favourite activity...
but it’s not my favourite activity…
The creek :)
The creek 🙂
just relaxing :)
just relaxing 🙂

On Monday we had breakfast, relaxed for a couple hours, the boy went fishing again and after lunch we packed the car and left, to go home again, where we ordered pizza and everyone went to bed (except me, because I need to finish this blogpost.😃).

Although the weekend wasn’t that spectacular, I had a really great time and all of us enjoyed being outside the whole day and being free to do anything we wanted to.😊

And now, I really need to sleep, I need to make some waffles tomorrow, so I’ll follow the cat’s example, who already feel asleep next to me.😊

Sunshine :)
Sunshine 🙂

Love, Kathi.❤️


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