4th week, daily routine

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Mornings are always stressy. ‘Brush your teeth!’ ‘Put on your shoes!’ ‘Don’t forget your bottles!’ ‘Go and brush your teeth!’ (Yes, it’s twice. Yes, I need to say everything twice. Or three times. Sometimes 5 times.)

‘How was school, did you learn anything?’ ‘It was okay. We didn’t learn anything.’ Same conversation everyday. Then the talks about poisonous animals and pet lizards they want to have. (No, I don’t know who came up with that idea. I needed to google lizards, to find out, what it is.)

‘Come on, do your homework!’ ‘Sit at the table and do your homework!’ ‘Why are you in the kitchen? Start doing your homework!’

‘ I don’t eat that.’ ‘Why did you put this in it?’ ‘Can’t we just have Mac n Cheese?’ ‘Do I need to eat the vegetables?’ ‘Can I go and watch TV now?’

Things that happen everyday. Always.

Daily routine is coming. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I don’t know. On some days it’s good, I know exactly what to do, nothing really changes during the week, except when I get a call to take one of the boys to the ER, because his stomach hurts so bad, he can’t stay in school. Don’t worry, it was not as bad as it seemed, first thing he did in the hospital was turning on the TV.

But sometimes I’m afraid it could get boring. Everyday the same. Every day the same fights about the same meaningless things. Everyday the same problems with doing their homework. Every day the same comments about the food, what they had in their lunch boxes, what they don’t like…

But when they come at night, just before they go to bed, hug me and tell me, that they love me, then I know, that this year is gonna be exhausting as sh***, but it’s gonna be totally worth it. Because no matter how hard or boring or exhausting it can be, at the end of the day, my boys love me and I love them.❤️

And thanks god, we don’t only have weekdays! There are two and a half days a week, that I have free time. That doesn’t mean, that i will be on my own, because I obviously live with my host family and having three boys next door to your room, will always wake you up at 7 in the morning. But that’s okay. I can live with that. Because I know, it’s not my business at the weekend. I have my plans and I let them do whatever they want to do (mostly watching TV and playing IPad. What else?!)

This friday I met with Daleen, an au pair from South Africa, who lives here since August 2014. We went to Rebounderz, which is a big Trampoline – Centre. We had a great time, although it is really exhausting, just jumping around. After half an hour we were so tired! But we kept on jumping, because we payed for a whole hour and it was too expensive to just stay one hour…

yes, we're sweaty, no, we don't care. :D
yes, we’re sweaty, no, we don’t care. 😃
cause everyone's a little craycray :D
cause everyone’s a little craycray 😃

Saturday, all of my plans got cancelled. And it was raining. So I decided to stay the whole day in bed with my friend Netflix 🙂 This worked pretty well, until Daleen convinced me to grab some dinner in the evening. So I got myself out of bed, and we went to this Italian restaurants (The blue ridge grill was full, we should’ve waited until they had a table). It all looked really fancy and the people there were more than nice and the food was not too expensive. That all sounds pretty good. But instead of the Italian Insalata Cesare with Grilled Chicken that we ordered, we got something that tasted like the salad mixes you can get in every supermarket. Definitely not worth the money. It wasn’t even worth a picture. It was just not what we expected and we won’t go there again.

On sunday I made some nice breakfast, just because we had strawberries and I wanted to have them right after I woke up. So everyone got a few strawberry pancakes and we had some more strawberries, it was delicious.😊


After I went back to bed and had a nice after – breakfast – nap, I did my exercise (yes, it really said exercise. I’m getting fat and I don’t want to stop eating.) and I got ready for my first au pair meeting ever.:D Although I’ve been here for three month now, I never had one of the meetings you should have every month. (I didn’t have a Community Counselor back in West Virginia, and there weren’t any au pairs to meet up with) So we went bowling and had some coffee afterwards and it was really nice😊

We are three German girls and one French girl and we all live really close to each other, so we will probably do some things together in the future 😊


German girls :)
German girls 😊

And that’s already it for this week! Tomorrow we will start all over again with school and discussions and fights and homework and dinner and everything else we’re doing all day every day.😊

Love, Kathi.❤️


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