6th week, Ed Sheeran, Friends

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Oops, almost forgot to give everyone an update!

This week was exciting! Not my job, that’s sure something with highlights (may they be good and evil), but this week was special. Wednesday night I got off from work earlier (but not before preparing some pizza for the boys so they won’t starve). Esra picked me up and we drove to the Metro station in Reston (Yes, we may have spent 24$ on toll roads on accident and because we were in a hurry. Oops.) we jumped into the next train, switched at Metro Center, got off in Chinatown and were where we wanted to be. THE VERIZON CENTER. which was visited by the one and only ED SHEERAN on that evening. Yes, we had crappy seats, yes, we payed a lot of money, but yes, it was so totally worth it.

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Yes, getting up on Thursday morning was hard. It really was. But my life really does love me. My host mum had an early meeting and could drop the boys off at school, so that I was in bed again at 7:15. Yes, life is good!

So the week was almost over, I went shopping with Chiara on Friday morning (the first time I didn’t buy anything since I’m here!) and in the afternoon, I took my boys to the basketball court again. but it was raining, so we just played for an hour before we went home to do their favorite activity: watching TV.

After dinner I went out for dinner (yes, twice!) with Daleen, which is always fun.:) we just had salads because we didn’t want to eat unhealthy burgers, but she somehow managed to make me order some dessert, which is why I had this beautiful little chocolate cake 🙂


On saturday it was time for some cultural education, so I went to the museum in DC with Tom, who is a German guy who lives downtown. We went to the National Museum of Natural History, which had many stuffed animals and some that were alive and told us about evolution and everything related to that. It was interesting and it’s worth going in there (especially because it’s for free! 😀 ) Afterwards we went to Vapiano, which is probably my favourite place to eat at all time (or at least since I’m here) and had some pizza! 🙂


On Sunday I got up at 7. (wtf?! exactly.) I got a shower, got dressed and took the  car to the metro (which was half an hour late.) Thanks god I’m German and always too early (just kidding, this was the first time I was early. And I won’t do it again). But I still made it on time to the George Mason University in Arlington, where I had my first class about Philadelphia, the Declaration of Independence and the culture of Amish People. It was really interesting and I got to meet some new people which was great!


Afterwards I picked up Nina and we went to DSW, to buy some new shoes (you can never have too many!). And no, I didn’t buy one pair…

I bought two! (and again. Oops.) But they were on sale. like really hard on sale. Like you safe 100$ and only pay 23$ for them on sale. So who wouldn’t have bought them?!

And because we had not spent enough money yet, we went out for some awesome and really delicious Sushi at ChinChinCafe.


I know it’s a short entry, but it’s already late and I’m way too tired to do anything else but sleeping.

Oh, but I do have a picture of a red supermoon for you. (But only if your imagination is good enough)


And next week I’m gonna tell you about my plans with someone I’ve known for 13 years now, someone you would never think of.😃

Love, Kathi.❤️


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