7th week/ Oktoberfest

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My weekend was AMAZING. Seriously, it was awesome.❤️

Monday to Thursday were normal days. The boys went to school, we did their homework, we tried to go outside afterwards, we had dinner, everyone went to bed.

On Friday I only needed to work between 6am and 8am. Afterwards I slept again (as always😃) and shortly after 2 I left go to the cheescake factory with Alex. We wanted to have a late lunch, which turned out to be a tea time because we decided to skip the  meal and directly do the dessert. And that’s never a mistake. The Cheesecakes are so delicious! Even though I could not finish my piece because I was way too full.

FullSizeRender 134FullSizeRender 132

Afterwards, we just walked around in the mall, to do a little shopping, but I didn’t have too much time because I needed to get pack my stuff for the weekend and drive to the metro. That turned out to be really hard, because of the upcoming Hurricane and the little rain we had. Did I ever mention that American people are horrible drivers?! Yes, it was raining, the streets were wet, but that’s no reason to drive 20mph when you’re allowed to drive 45mph. Seriously, there are people who want to be on time.

Anyway, I got to the metro, Rabea picked me up in McLean, we picked up Hanna and Julia (2 other German au pairs) and went on our journey to upstate Maryland. The weather was really bad, but someone heard our hopes and it got better during the weekend, even though it was still cold.

Yes, it's in Celsius
Yes, it’s in Celsius

After driving on the crazy American roads, visiting McDonalds and a typical American highway diner (there’s no way to not stop twice on a 4 hour trip with 4 girls in a car), and seeing a lot of deers, we arrived around 11 in McHenry, where Rabeas host family has a cabin in the woods, where they were already waiting for us. So we brought all our stuff inside, got something to drink from Chris, Rabeas host dad, talked to him a little bit and went to bed to get some rest.

The next morning was when all the fun started. The plan for the day was an Oktoberfest, that we (as the German girls) should help organize, to have a fun night. But first, Hanna wanted to go for a run, so we decided to take the Quad, so we can by her side, without moving too much ourselves (aren’t we lazy?!) But it was so much fun!

Then Julia and I decided to prove the men, that we are strong women, so we chopped some wood, to make a bonfire at night. That was our workout for the day and it really was very exhausting.

FullSizeRender 135

This all happened even before noon, so we had so much time left to do stuff! We helped Chris and his friends, who arrived shortly after us on friday night, to bring their Kayaks down to the river where they went for a short trip. The forest we were in was beautiful, so we took a few pictures, before we climbed the mountain again, to get back to the house. 😉


IMG_6673 FullSizeRender 138IMG_6652

Then we went to the grocery store, to get everything we needed, and then the kitchen work started. We made homemade Bretzels, Julia made Kässpätzle, we had Sauerkraut, Weißwürste, Sausages and Salads, that needed to be prepared before all the guests would arrive. It was a lot of work, but it was totally worth it. The food was awesome and reminded us so much of our lovely homes! ❤️

FullSizeRender 136

FullSizeRender 139

The other guests of the Oktoberfest were different than we had expected! It was not only ‘old’ people, but also some boys, who are kayaker friends of Chris, who were just a little older than us, who were really nice. So we had a lot of fun and the night was very long and so amazing! I am so glad I had the chance to be part of this! 😊

On sunday, we wanted to have a little fun before we needed to go back home, so we went to the biggest water falls of Maryland 😊

Afterwards we took a lot of pictures on the Quads, to have some prove, that we really did that!

And then finally it was the moment, we were waiting for. We went down to the river again to fire some guns. Chris was with us all the time to give us instructions while we were shooting all the poor sprite cans we emptied the evening before. We were really good although it was the first time for Julia, Hanna and me. It was a big experience and we all agreed, that it might be fun with cans, but we could never point a gun on something that is alive, no matter if it’s a person or ‘just’ an animal.

The weekend was a lot of fun and it was way too short, but it was time for us, to pack our bags and go home again, not without stopping at an Olive Garden, to get some delicious Pasta (because we didn’t have enough food during the weekend!😃)

I’m so happy we had this weekend and I’m sure, I will see that little cabin in the woods again one time.😊

the cabin we lived in :)
the cabin we lived in 🙂
Cans, where we alreaedy shot into it..
Cans, where we alreaedy shot into it..
We had Leberwurst and German bread!
We had Leberwurst and German bread!

I hope everyone in Germany enjoys all the little things I don’t really have here. Like German bread, or even the meat to put on it. Appreciate what you have! I miss so many things, it’s incredible.

Love, Kathi ❤️


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