9th week / Haunted.

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Fall is coming and it’s coming fast. I need to remind the boys now every morning to bring sweaters or jackets to school, because it’s freezing cold in the mornings. During the day it mostly gets warmer, which gives us the possibility to go outside after the boys finish their homework.

So on Monday we went to one of the playgrounds again and played a little basketball on the basketball court in the middle of the park.

Fall is here!

On Tuesday we had the annual pediatrician appointment, where the boys got measured and weighed and their flu shots and also told that they are all not tall enough to get out of their car seats, which created a big drama, because they think it’s really embarrassing. But safety goes first, of course, so they will have to be more patient until they are big enough to ride without carseats.

Wednesday the oldest one had his scout meeting at school, and because of the nice weather we had, we decided to all go, so I could spent the time with the twins at the playground behind the school. That was totally fine  until it was really dark and really cold outside (and maybe I didn’t wear the right clothes, even though I always tell the kids what to wear.🙈)


But the meeting was over at 8, so we could go home again and crawl into our warm and comfy beds.☺️)

We kept it easy at the weekend. My plans about going to New York got cancelled, so I went to Rebounderz once again with some girls from my college class.☺️


We had a great evening there (as always) and especially the pizza afterwards is always the best part of the night.😍

Saturday, we went to Tyson’s Corner (a mall, what else😉), but we spend most of the time eating at California Pizza Kitchen, which was awesome. We also did a little shopping, but then it was already time to drive to Sterling, where we met with my counselor, to have our monthly meeting, which was in this case a haunted forest and a haunted asylum.

IMG_7816 IMG_7817

Let me tell you something:



I can’t even tell you, how scared I already was before, but it got even worse, as soon as we were in there. We did the Asylum first, which took about 5 minutes. It was so dark in there, you couldn’t see ANYTHING. And there were all these crazy people, who slandered around us and followed us and appeared out of nowhere. It was even scarier, when we were in one room, where we couldn’t find the way to the next one and I was talking German, to not curse to hard in english, and one of the people in there suddenly was in the room and said “Wo geht’s lang? Rechts oder Links?” They were talking German to us and I was screaming bloody murder. It was so bad.

So when we finally came out of that, someone made us realize, that the forest was still waiting for us. And we had two little boys in our group (because noone was allowed to walk with less than 3 people in there). That’s when one of the constructor told us, that the forest would be about 25 minutes. Noone was allowed to run, because it was too dark. Each group got one red flashlight (without it, you could not see anything in the woods. There were no cellphones and no other flashlights allowed. It was really bad. There were people with (real!) chainsaws, people in/behind/on/next to bushes and trees, you needed to cross a lot of scary places, walk over bridges, where you had no chance to get out of the people’s ways and we went through huts, where no one could expect anything. At the end of the trail, my voice was almost gone. I was so scared of everything, I even asked the policemen at the end of it, if he was real.

I know one thing for sure now. I WILL NEVER DO THIS AGAIN: (even though I’m also a little proud that I did it 🙈). But also my counselor agreed, that she will never do that as a meeting again and that the next meeting will be in a nice restaurant, where we just can eat delicious food without anything that could possibly scare us.😃

So we drove home (or to Rabea’s house again), to get some sleep (yes, I was happy to be able to cuddle with her and not be alone in a big bed, where all the monsters could come and get me😵).

On the next morning, Sunday (already?!) we went to another cluster meeting, this time the one from Rabea’s agency (AIFS/APIA). We went to the Smithsonian National Zoological Park in DC (or short: the zoo). There were about 200 Aupairs from al over the world (and many many girls from Germany). We went treasure hunting, which was not that much fun, but we got to meet a view new people and also a few, that we already know 😊.

FullSizeRender 147
Julia 😍
FullSizeRender 144
Julia 😍

The challenge was not really hard, so everyone got a little panda at the end.☺️

FullSizeRender 150
yes, I’m wearing one of their shirts, because my agency is not cool enough to have shirts🙈

And that already was it! This is all I did this weekend. After the zoo, I went home, got in my bed, tried to warm up (it’s really cold outside!) and just spend the whole evening in my bed. Typically lazy Sunday.😍

I am already making plans for the next weekend, so stay tuned!

Love, Kathi ❤️


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