11th week/ Halloween

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And another week went by and now it’s official: it is already Christmas time. We survived Halloween, which was awesome, and it is already November. 2015 is over in 60 days, time is just going crazy.

As already said, it was Halloween this weekend. I kept it low Friday night and just stayed home (first time in a long time). The plan was, to do my homework for my weekend class, but of course, I ended up doing it two hours before class started sunday morning.

Saturday I picked up a new au pair (which I already met in New York during the Orientation days, but I didn’t really remember until she moved her because of a rematch.) We bough some winter clothes and had some food (of course).

Around 6 I drove to Rabea, where we got dressed to go out for Halloween, which took us longer than expected, so we left the house at 10pm.(I know that’s a kinda normal time for us to start partying, but that works a little different in the US). When we arrived at Georgetown (a district in DC), the big Parade was already over, but there were still a lot of people in the streets, so we just walked down a street for a little while and just enjoyed the atmosphere. It was really nice, all the people were in a good mood, there were many, who wanted to take pictures with us, we’re probably on more pictures of foreign phones as we’ve ever been, but that’s okay. The people were so nice and were all really creative with their costumes. So even though we were late, we still had a great time.


The first plan was it to go to a club afterwards, but after being in the streets for about 2 hours and a little snack at subways, we decided, that it might be best to be home around 1, so we would get at least 6 hours of sleep.

Why we needed sleep? Because there was something nice going on on Sunday morning. COLLEGE! guess what, it was not nice. It was our last class before our Trip to Philadelphia next week, so we all needed to presentate our final projects and learned some new facts about Philadelphia.

After college, we went back to Rabea’s, watched a movie and drove homer afterwards.

Another weekend passed by and I didn’t really have a chance to sleep in and have a real nice, long sleep (As always.)

But I also had fun again with the girls and seeing how crazy Americans become over Halloween was a fun experience, too.

There’s not more to say about this weekend, but there will be more again next week, promise!

Love, Kathi ❤️


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