12th week / Philly :)

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So this week started out with a little work. The boys didn’t have school on Monday and tuesday, so I worked both days ten hours in a row. We spent lot of time outside on playgrounds and and walks, the big highlight were the three hours at the Zone, the Lasertag place in Ashburn. We ran into Daleen while we were there so we all together hat lots of fun there 😊

  IMG_8443 FullSizeRender 159 IMG_8437 IMG_8428 IMG_8419
Even though we had fun, I’m not looking forward to snow days during the winter where the boys will be home the whole day because work is on a whole other level on those days.
So the next few days were pretty easy again, breakfast, school, homework, dinner, bedtime. As always.
And then finally it was friday 🙂
Guess, where I spend the night 😀
Alex picked me up at 10, we shopped at harris teeder, got enough money for the weekend and drove to Rabea, where R and M were already baking appepies, to take them with us. We went to bed way too late and needed to get up way too early, so we could be at our bus at 8.
From that moment on, the weekend had officially started! We spend about 3 hours in the bus to get to our first stop: Lancaster Central Market. We spend a little time there, which was really nice. There were amish people and farmers who were selling their vegetables and fruits and self-made quilts and meat and everything you wanted to have. They even had a German stand which was really nice, but also way too expensive for us poor au pairs 🙈 So we basically just went through the big hall, looked at everything and went out again before we spent all of our money in food 😃
IMG_9233 IMG_9234 IMG_9235 IMG_9236 IMG_9237 IMG_9238 IMG_9239
Back in the bus we headed towards a little quilt store, where everything was handmade. we got everything explained and had time to buy some stuff and take some pictures, before we went on to a Mennonite farm (because Amish would not let you look around on their farms or even take pictures of everything). It was really interesting and we had a mennonite with us who told us a lot and showed us around.😊
IMG_9244 IMG_9245

‘just’ a blanket for 700$


12212017_966349270090424_1617698256_n  IMG_4618

totally in love 🙂
Then it was finally time to eat and it was DELICIOUS. We got everything the amish would eat and it was more than enough 😊
 12212557_966349266757091_65764367_n 12208063_966349240090427_1193485303_n
After dinner we finally drove to Philadelphia, but as it was already late and dark when we arrived there, (and also we are underage), we walked around in the city a little bit and then went to bed, so we would be wide awake on Sunday.😉
 12233352_966349273423757_1449550568_n FullSizeRender 160 IMG_8618
When met for breakfast at 8:30, we went to the Reading Food Market, where we had some delicious food and of course coffee..

yummy berry – waffle with strawberries and whipped cream 🙂

..before we were at the bus around 10 to have a 3 hour sightseeing tour.

The tour was okay, we had enough time to get off the bus to take pictures, which was good 🙂
IMG_9027 DSC_0630 DSC_0609
DSC_1340 DSC_1355
DSC_1334 DSC_1332 DSC_1317 DSC_1319

IMG_4751 let’s recreate that statue! 😀
our tour guide :)
our tour guide 🙂

IMG_8727 IMG_8702

we made it!
the liberty bell
We had the afternoon for ourselves and because we were so many people, we splitted up our little group and Marie, Victoria, Juan and I rented some bikes and drove through Philadelphia and got some (GERMAN!)  food afterwards, before we left the city behind us and headed home again, which took us about 4 hours.
IMG_4794 IMG_4796 IMG_4799 IMG_8926 DSC_1464_FotordDSC_1431 IMG_8778

yes, it’s Radler. yes, it’s even without alcohol.:D
I had another great weekend with probably the best people I’ve met since I’m here.:)
Love, Kathi ❤️
oh and btw, we got ourselves those necklaces with our names, just because we always wanted to have one and we had the possibility to by them.✌️

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