14th week/ New York

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After an emotionally exhausting week ( caused by surgery of my host mum, 2 cars that needed to be repaired, etc..) I was so ready to go to New York. Friday night we went to rebounderz once again, to do a little sport (I’m still not a member in a gym). It was fun as always and the pizza afterwards was of course the best part of the night.


Saturday I got up at 5:15, was in the car by 6:10 and got to Vienna right on time to catch the first Metro of the day. My bus left at 8, it was a comfortable ride (at least for the price they offered) and we arrived earlier as planned in nyc. I met with Luisa, a friend of mine that I know since elementary school 🙂
We did a little sightseeing, needed to stop by at American Eagle Outfitters to get some hats, because we were freezing so badly, and walked about 10 miles all over the city. We saw some things that we had already seen before, went looking for some new and had a great time 🙂 (except for when I crashed my knee into some metal stairs and we needed to sit down a couple minutes due to my injury)
When our feet were burning from walking all over the city, we made our way home to Louisa’s house, not without getting 25 munchkins at dunkin donuts for the train ride. We drove the train for about an hour and had another 45 min car drive ahead of us, but we managed to be home around 8:30, where I got to meet Louisa’s host family, which is really nice 🙂 we had some pizza, I had a heart attack caused by one of their dogs, and we went to bed pretty early to make some plans for our vacation. ☺️







On Sunday we decided that it would be pretty good for me to go shopping in NJ, because there I don’t need to pay any taxes. So we bought more than we wanted (as always), but at least I got some good shoes (timberlands😍) for the winter and the upcoming vacation 🙂


We decided not to go to ny together anymore because the train is expensive and we are poor au pairs 😉 so I made my way back to the city alone, to get to my bus, which started 20 minutes late and (of course) arrived too late in DC (about an hour), which was awesome. Or not.
I’m exhausted. Devastated. Tired. I just want to sleep. But that’s life. It goes on. Tomorrow morning at 5:45. When my alarm goes off and I need to be wide awake to work.✌️


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