15th week / Thanksgiving / Philly

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(week 15 again, because I missed 13 and I won’t change that.🙈)

I’m sorry to be late, but here they are, last week’s adventures!

Another week that didn’t go as usual ones. The boys had school on Monday and Tuesday, but were off on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday because of Thanksgiving break.

So Thursday we stayed home, spent 4 hours in the play room, to get it cleaned up, which seemed impossible, but we did it!☺️

After lunch we got everything else to not look like a huge mess anymore and we already started cooking for the next day. My host mum and I spent about 6 hours in the kitchen, tried to get all the meals prepared, made a big mess, cleaned it up again. Made another mess, cleaned it up again, went to bed. Then we got up again at 8am to get everything ready. We were in a good mood, listened to music, sang along, cooked and cooked, went to the store to do some last minute grocery shopping for the things we were out of, set the tables, cooked some more and made it to be done just in time!

The boys’ aunt came with her husband and 4 of their kids and their au pair, they brought some appetizers and pies and we all had a great dinner together 😊

FullSizeRender 164
all the meals 🙂
all the meals 🙂


all the meals 🙂
all done 🙂
all the meals 🙂



Afterwards, we cleaned up, the kids were playing (and making a new mess in the play room), and Julia (the other au pair) and I relaxed in my room. She will come to the cruise with us, which makes me really happy! (even though she will be working, I think we will have a great time 😊 )

On Friday I worked. Yes, it was Black Friday and the whole country was going crazy about some huge shopping deals, but the boys needed to be entertained, so we spent the day on the playground, had some left over lunch, went outside again, played some games and I was off at 5.

As my German friend Nora was in town and we had made some plans, I went to pick her up at the Metro station, we did a little shopping (but not too much, we both were too broke). We drove home, had some pizza, and tried to get a little sleep (which didn’t work out so well) and headed out again around 1am, to drive to DC, where we walked towards the Union Station, where our bus to Philadelphia departed at 3:50am. So we spend 3.5 hours in that bus, whose uncomfortable seats made it nearly impossible to sleep and we arrived with a beatiful sunrise in Philadelphia at 7:30.☺️


We went to the reading terminal market, where we had a great breakfast and some coffee to wake up.😊

FullSizeRender 162
French toast 🙂

Then we decided (just like on my first trip to Philly), to rent bikes, which makes sightseeing way easier than walking around everywhere 😃

So we spent about 2.5 hours riding from one end of the town to the other, stopping at some sightseeing spots, seeing beautiful places and getting a lot of exercise 😃


We gave the bikes back, went to the Rocky Steps and accidentally went to the Museum of Arts (We just wanted to use the bathrooms, but they were inside the museum and we didn’t realize that until we were there, so we took a little round in there, too)



Afterwards we went to a cute little sandwich store, where we had a little snack.


To protect our feet, we took an Uber to the magic Gardens, which were really cool (even though they were smaller than expected).

FullSizeRender 16320151201192944IMG_994120151201192416FullSizeRender 161


Afterwards we pretty much ran out of things to do…

Someone told us, the lightshow at Macy’s would be really good, so we went there, waited almost an hour for the show (it’s Macy’s. waiting there doesn’t get too boring). The show was 10 minutes long and all they did was lighting some characters and played some music along. Not what we expected, but okay.😊


As it was dark already, we went to our last spot, the Christmas Market, where we found many nice huts, just like on German ones. There were even some German people selling their things.:) We got really excited about how neat everything looks (even though they also had huts with phone cases and other stuff that doesn’t belong on christmas markets). We may have been a little too excited, because when we ordered some food (Currywurst and German Homemade Potato Pancakes🙈), we got deeply disappointed. That was definitely not German food and it took us back to reality. We do miss German food. And you don’t get that anywhere else than in Germany itself.


guess, how much I payed for ‘Currywurst’ and ‘Potato Pancakes’ 😀

After that experience, it was already after 7 and we made our way back to the bus station, where we were happy to be able to sit down and take a little nap in the bus. We arrived in DC around 11, said goodbye to each other and I was home in my bed around 1:30, just to sleep about 12 hours and be in bed the whole Sunday (with a little Skype session to Ukraine!)

Thank you so much for that fun day, Nora! I hope we’ll see each other again during our year here 😊 ❤️

And we also already started with the decoration of the house (Well, the stockings are up and the Elf on the Shelf is wandering around to watch the boys to report to Santa if they deserve their presents or not😉)


There are crazy people out there who are already set up for Christmas and decorated every piece of their property 🙈



Also a huge thanks to my mum and my host mum, I got 2 advents calendars this year, even though the one from back home might me slightly better 😉



All in all I had another amazing week and I am already excited about what’s gonna happen next 😊


Love, Kathi ❤️


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