16th week

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Normal week, not much to tell..

We spent the weekend at Rabea’s (once again) and we I had a great time with the people I can call my friends here 😊

On Friday, Marie, Vicci and I met up to grab some dinner in a little Italian space, which was really nice 🙂

We got some Bruschetta, I also had a Minestrone and a nice Lasagna 😊

It was not the best, but totally okay and a nice dinner 😊

Since Rabea wasn’t home yet when we showed up at her house, her host dad took us on a little ride in their new TESLA  S ! I need to admit, I am totally in love with this car, so I was thrilled about it 🙈😍

We didn’t do much afterwards than going to bed because we were too tired from working the whole week…

Saturday morning we went to DC, to see the christmas market, which was different than a German one, but it was okay. We found a nice German couple who had some ‘Glühwein’, of course without alcohol, because you’re not allowed to drink in public. So we looked at all the little huts (or tents in that case) and had a nice time 😊

Before we went to the mall to get some food and watch Mockingly part 2 (again), we found out that Rabea’s host parents came to DC, too and were at her host mum’s office, which gives you a great view over the city. So we went there and got on top of the building and it was really amazing! we had a great view over to the Washington Monument, the White House (we even spottet the snipers on top of it🙉) and the whole city 😊


We spent the afternoon shopping in Target and the Tysons Corner Center (even though we didn’t really buy much, we’re all too broke), we got some dinner at California Pizza Kitchen (which is always delicious!😍)

Gib eine Beschriftung ein

and went to the movies once again because Rabea hadn’t seen it yet and we didn’t have quite the best places the first time.


When we came back, we had a little chat with Rabea’s host parents and went upstairs, just to sit there for another 3 hours and talk about our lives. and everything else that came to our minds 🙈

After only a short night we were wide awake the next morning (haha just kidding, we were not, even though we had the possibility to sleep in). After getting all ready, we had some Potato Pancakes with Apple Sauce for breakfast (or lunch) and went off to go to Tysons’ again. We took some pictures in a photo booth and got some food, before Rabea and Vicci said goodbye and Marie and I enjoyed our new love to fake fur coats in some of the many stores they have. Even though we didn’t have any money to spent, we had a great time! 😊


Around 5 we left to go to my cluster meeting in Reston, not without getting a froyo 🙂 🙈

We met with a few girls, that are going to join my group and had a nice time ice skating 😊


Afterwards I picked up Alex, who just came home from New York, I dropped her off at her home, went home myself, put my boys in bed and was finally able to fall in my own bed again.😍

I do love spending weekends with my friends and I love them for being here 🙂 And I also love to be able to have a place called my home here, where I am happy to come after the weekend, to start in a new week.😊


Love, Kathi ❤️


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