17th week

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I feel like as winter is rolling in, we do less things. It’s too cold for adventures. Even though we had temperatures up to 69° this weekend (about 22°C).😊

Last Sunday my host mum had left on a work trip and her dad had come down from Pennsylvania to help out with the kids. These days were not the best we had, but we managed to get through them. Tuesday night we went to a ‘Home Alone’ – Movie Party, where my host mum finally got back to. We had a great night and I embarrassed myself (again) by being the only person in the room that had not watched the movie yet. Yes, they always ask on movie parties and I always raise my hand.🙈


On Wednesday night we went to church and had dinner there afterwards, which is a nice thing they have during Advent. The service is for kids and they sing a lot of songs (which are shown as music videos on huge TV’s they have hanging on all the walls) and they always have a little play and afterwards the whole community goes in the basement where they have tables and chairs for everyone and you can eat as much as you want to. This week they had burgers or Mac ‘n’ Cheese or Salad for everyone and of course lots of desserts 😉 I really like going there with the boys (especially since we didn’t really have time to go to church on Sundays with the boys in a couple weeks) and it’s also one day in the week where I don’t need to cook.🙈

Thursday went totally fine, but Friday morning started out with a broken key in the front door, when we wanted to go to school. So we needed to fix that, thanks god the boy’s father is good in things like that and we finally got the key out, but it took a while. So after I cleaned up, I went to Target with Marie and Alex and also to Home Depot to get new keys done.



On Friday night I was invited to a birthday dinner of my South African friend Daleen, which was really nice 😊 we were about 12 people and I got to meet some nice guys that were sitting next to me. So even though I didn’t know anyone except Daleen, I had a good time 😊

On Saturday I met up with my girls (no weekend without them!). We went to Tyson’s Corner and tried to shop a little bit which ended in eating at California Pizza Kitchen (once again🙈) and not too much shopping (au pairs are always broke). Alex and I needed to leave pretty early because we both needed to work at night, which was okay. I made smoothies with my boys, we watched  Lemonade Mouth and High School Musical, they took showers and went to sleep after their bedtime story (or maybe we read 3🙈)

On Sunday it was my host mum’s birthday, so we made her a fancy breakfast and brought it to her so she and her friend who stayed here for the weekend could have breakfast in bed. I also had a little present for her (star wars PJ’s, just because she’s the biggest fan ever) and I believe she was really happy about it.😊


Afterwards I jumped back in bed again, skyped with Hanna for about 3 hours, took a little nap, managed to get out of bed and into Alex’s car and went to her’s and Marie’s cluster meeting. It was at their counselor’s home and everybody brought some food (the main reason I went there). It was nice, we met some super nice Brasilian twin sisters who happen to live in our neighborhood and we had a little fun.😊


Home again I spent another hour in my host mum’s bed (where we ate the cookies I bought for the meeting that no one had opened) and we talked about everything that’s going on. We tend to do that a lot lately and I’m super happy about that and I’m so glad I get to live with this family 😊

So it wasn’t a super exciting weekend, but that’s totally fine with me. It’s winter, what else do you expect? 😉

Love, Kathi ❤️


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