18th week.

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I feel like I should talk about cool stuff that I am experiencing here, but to be honest, I don’t right now, my life is as boring as everybody else’s. No big travels, no adventures, just hanging around with friends. That’ll change again soon, hopefully, but by now I am perfectly fine with this 🙂

Friday night we went to Rebounderz again, which was exhausting as always, but the pizza is totally worth it.😃


we went to Rabea’s afterwards, just to stay there until Sunday (as always). We spent Saturday with sleeping, Target, Chick Fil A, watching movies and eating. In the evening Rabea needed to babysit a little bit because her host parents went out for a movie, so we fed her kid and went with it on a walk to watch some crazy houses in the neighborhood, before Rabea brought him to bed and we spend some time playing Phase 10. Which is fun. Until you lose. But we will probably do that again.🙉


Sunday we slept in, had some delicious Quiche for breakfast, picked up Vicci, went shoe shopping, went out for dinner, drove home. I lost my phone and my debit card during the day, got everything back, but things like that make me thing how I can be responsible for 3 kids every single day if I can’t even keep track of a phone. I guess when it comes to clumsyness, I have not changed a single bit since I am here.🙉😂


Oh, and we also had tickets for the Star Wars premiere on Thursday night, so we went to watch that, which was great! I am not a huge fan of the Star Wars movies, but this one is definitely worth watching 🙂


On Friday, the boys also had  christmas parties in their classes where my host mum and I went to, of course not without accessories.☺️


And that was pretty much it for this week.😃

Hope everyone is doing fine and no one goes crazy about late christmas shopping. Take your time guys, we still have 4 days.😃

Love, Kathi ❤️



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