19th week / christmas / New York

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Merry Christmas, everyone!

The boys have been out of school the whole week because of Christmas break, so we spent a lot of time on the playgrounds around and cleaning up the house.

During the week, we saw, that the weather in Virginia Beach would be really good on Christmas Eve, so on the 24th, we got up really early and drove all the way down to the beach, where we spent an amazing day and even got to go into the water, while so many people where already celebrating Christmas. We spent the whole afternoon at the beach, had some pizza afterwards and some Ben and Jerry’s and then took a drive on the boardwalk to see the lights on the beach.😊 It was an incredible day.😍

On Christmas Day, the boys were awake super early, because Santa had decided to stop by and left some presents under the Christmas Tree. Or maybe more than some.😉

It was a huge mess while they all unwrapped the thousands of presents that they got. I guess, they didn’t really get to appreciate everything they got because it was just so much. So when they got my presents, for them it was more like ‘just another present’, which was a little disappointing. But I guess that’s just another cultural thing. Or maybe it’s even a generation thing. Who knows.

The boy’s grandparents came over for dinner (or more like a late lunch) and we had some delicious food and of course, some more presents. (even I got a pretty bracelet from them 😊 )

In the evening, I packed my things for the weekend, picked up Marie and we went off to New York, where we arrived around 4:30am, which was not the best time, but we’re Au Pairs. We choose the cheapest ways.😉


So we were in this huge city, in the night after Christmas Day and there is nothing to do. NOTHING. And no one. I’ve never seen the Times Square so empty. So we went to get a coffee, took a walk to Central Park, left it again, because there were too many dogs without lieges and Marie had to protect me too many times already. We made a little stop at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, to sit on the steps just like Blair Waldorf would do it, went on to Nate Archibald’s house and walked down Madison Avenue.😊

We crossed Central Park again to get to the Hotel Empire, where we had a longer break for breakfast and coffee and charging our phones.😊

me in my new christmas sweater 😀

We talked to a few people there, but they also didn’t know what we could do, so we just walked down the streets, stopped at a few stores without buying anything and made our way towards our hostel where we were able to check in at 3pm. We stopped on our way to get a quick meal at McDonalds (yes, we’re poor, we eat fast food) and managed to be at our hostel around 3:15. Our phones reported 30.000 steps. We were super tired, so we went to our rooms and took a nap (or at least I took one 😃). We only left the room to get some drinks and dinner, before we really went to bed and slept until the next morning. It was loud outside the whole night, but we stayed in 30th street/ 3rd Ave, so there was nothing to complain about 😃

pretty much our view from the front of our hostel.:) 

The next day, we decided to take the subway down to the Brooklyn bridge, where we couldn’t see much because of some heavy fog that was hanging all over the city. So we just took a quick picture and headed towards the 9/11 Memorial, which is a really impressive and emotional place.


Afterwards we had some more Starbucks with our breakfast and took the subway uptown again. We did a little shopping, went to the Rockefeller Center to look at the Christmas tree, which wasn’t as big as we expected and made our way back towards Times Square, which was way too full now.🙉


We stopped at a Diner to get some lunch and then it was already time to go  back to the Bus Terminal, to take our bus back home again.

FullSizeRender 166


We didn’t do much in the city this weekend, but I still had an amazing time 😊


I hope you all had happy holidays!

Love, Kathi ❤️


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