21st week

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It’s been a school week again and we’re going back to our normal routine. The boys don’t wanna go to school, they don’t want to get up in the mornings, they don’t want to do any homework, it’s daily fighting and arguing about every single thing they need to do. Work has really been exhausting this week and I was so happy to be able to meet up with Marie and Alex on Friday night right after work to get some dinner.

I love my family very much, but it really is a piece of work and I really appreciate having friends here that take all the stress away during the weekends. I love you guys! ☺️

So Friday night we just went out for dinner in Reston where we did the catching up for the past week and just had a nice time.☺️

Saturday morning I met with Alex and Marie and we drove to Great Falls (the Maryland side). We went hiking on the Billy Goat Trail (even though I really don’t like hiking). It was a rocky trail and there was a lot of climbing and trying not to get to wet and dirty because it had been raining the night before and everything was wet and slippery.


IMG_1371     IMG_1373


Afterwards, Marie and I dropped off Alex in Ashburn and took the Metro to Falls Church, where Rabea picked us up and we planned to go bowling. The  Army base where we wanted to go first told us, that there is no public bowling anymore since 2 months and the second place we tried had a waiting list for about an hour. So we went home to Rabea’s where her host parents were about to make cheese fondue, where we happily joined in. We watched a movie with them afterwards and went to sleep..

Sunday we woke up early, had breakfast with the family (they made Crepes for us and I really love them for that 🙈). Then Marie and I skyped a long time with Helena in Ukraine while Rabea was getting ready to meet up with some boys from her gym. We met at a sport bar, where we were watching the play off game because the Redskins (the DC team ) was playing. We had a great time and we decided to hang out again with the boys soon 😃

So, another normal week went by and here we go right into the next one.🙈

Love, Kathi ❤️


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