week 23-24 / Cruise

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Hello my Loves! ❤️

I hope you’re all doing good, are not freezing to death, survived Jonas, dug out your cars and everyone is able to leave the house again.

Virginia has been covered in snow for the last 10 days and I consider myself happy that I have not been there.🙉

On Thursday, January 22nd, the day before the storm, we had all our suitcases packed and loaded in the car, I had prepared snacks for the ride, cleaned the house, did all the laundry that was left, I made sure we didn’t leave anything important, picked up the boys from school, drove to my host mum’s office and as soon as she could leave work, we hit the road. Our destination: MIAMI.❤️

For Thursday, our goal was it, to drive south enough to not see any snow and to not have any icy rain or ice on the road. So we drove through Virginia and North Carolina and finally, at 2am, we stopped at Walterboro, South Carolina, to spend the night there.

Friday morning, it was raining, but while it started snowing in Virginia and Washington, DC, we didn’t have any trouble with the weather. We were lucky that we had decided to drive long before the storm had been announced. Friday night the airports in Virginia cancelled all the flights. No one was going anywhere, because it had shown about 3ft within hours.

We didn’t drive straight to Miami, but made a stop in Orlando, where me met my host mum’s sister and her family, who also joined us on the cruise.

We had dinner there and went to Disney Springs, which is one of the shopping and dining complexes of Walt Disney World, which was really nice. We spend a few hours there, slept in one of the hotels in the Resort, went back again shortly the other morning and finally made it to Miami on Saturday night. We stopped at Miami Beach, being really excited to finally see the ocean and the beach again, and went to our hotel to have a last night on land.

Sunday morning, we woke up, had breakfast, got all excited, the excitement went over to nervousness, when our shuttle didn’t show up, we made people call us a taxi, we made it to the ship in time and checked in right when we were supposed to.😊

On Sunday, 01/24/2016 at 1pm, we finally were, where we all wanted to be this whole trip. On the DISNEY MAGIC, starting in our Disney Cruise.


It took a while until we actually left the port (but when we did it was beautiful!), because there were 5000 people who all needed to check in. (Rumor has it, 60 people didn’t make it out of the storm that shut down pretty much the whole East Coast.)


So we took a first look at our staterooms (which were pretty empty yet because the luggage hadn’t arrived yet), had some lunch at a buffet, explored the ship, checked out all the pools, the spa, the basketball court, the dining areas, the adult areas, the kid’s places. When we finally left the port, it was already dinner time (every night at 5:45pm, we had reservations in one of the restaurants, where we ordered from a menu.) The food was DELICIOUS. So good. (And they even had wine from where I’m from!) Take a look!☺️


So the first night, Julie (my host mum’s sister’s au pair from Switzerland) and I looked at all the adult areas, and sat at the pool, and went to bed pretty early, because we were still a little exhausted from our long trip.

Monday, the second day, we were the whole day at sea, so we had some great breakfast at the buffet, relaxed at the pool, read some books, ate a lot, and watched the show after dinner at the World Disney Theatre.☺️


Every night there was a little show in the Theatre. On Sunday we got a preview on what us expected the following 4 days, and on Monday we had the first real show. It was a slightly different Cinderella story shown by Broadway Musical singers, which was amazing. On Tuesday they played Tangled, Wednesday was a show by the Juggler and Comedian Charles Peachock, which was nice (to be honest, he didn’t do much more than my sister can’t do, so I was not too impressed. But everyone else thought he was really talented.🙉)

The last show we saw, on Thursday, was a great Mash up of many Disney Stories, made up in a new, really lovely story. It was about a little girl, who got visited by the Blue Fairy (from Pinocchio), Peter Pan, Aladdin, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzel, Simba and the other animals, and, of course, Elsa and Olaf. They had amazing effects and it was a really entertaining show! I wish I could show pictures, but taking them was prohibited, so if you wanna see it, go on a Disney cruise! 😉

Tuesday and Thursday were the days that we docked on land, which made them the best parts of the whole vacation!

On Tuesday morning, we had a kinda early breakfast and met up at 9:20am, to leave the boat and be on the beautiful island Cozumel in Mexico! ☺️


Our little group got picked up by shuttles and they drove us to the Dolphinarium, where I had an experience that I will never ever in my life forget! We swam with Dolphins! We were able to hug them and pet them and they gave us kisses and they pulled us through the water and it was just amazing! I was so excited to do that and that’s definitely my #1 favorite of the whole vacation! ❤️ After we were done with that, we went snorkeling and saw some beautiful fish and stingrays under water.

Afterwards, we had some lunch that was included, and we decided to walk around the island a little bit and my host mum fulfilled my wish to go and sit in a bar and finally being able to order my own cocktail again. So we sat in a nice bar with view on the ocean (and the road with all the bad smelling cars and scooters driving around) and we really enjoyed it. It was a sunny day and everything was just perfect.😊



Back on the ship, we had dinner, watched the show, Julie and I went for a second dinner (at the 24/7 pizza place), sat in the hot tub, went to the Irish pub to get a third dinner (they always had a buffet for the people in there with vegetables and fruits) and when we finally decided to go to sleep, we found a really seasick boy our age sitting in the hallway, so we talked a little bit (or like 5 hours🙉) and even played a little basketball before we actually went to bed.

Wednesday was a day at Sea again, so nothing much was happening. Our hopes to at least hang out with the boy from last night again, didn’t come true, because he was no where to found. (Too many people on too many decks in a huge ship and no wifi or number to connect with people, it was a shame.) So we basically slept and ate the whole day again.🙉

In the evening there was a ‘Pirates in the Caribbean’ party, where everyone had a lot of fun and they even had fireworks in the middle of the ocean!

On Thursday morning, we docked at Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island in the Bahamas. It was a beautiful, sunny day, way warmer as the forecast had said and we all spent the whole day at the beach, not without meeting Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse on our way there! We also took a look at the stores, but the were all souvenirs shops by Disney, so I didn’t really buy anything. I just sat at the beach, played in the water with my boys, spent the rest of the day in the shade, covered in 50+ sunscreen and returned to the ship with the worst sunburn I ever had. It was a really nice day though and I know how happy I can be to have had a few summer days in the middle of the winter, while everyone at home couldn’t leave the house because of too much snow.

It was the last evening on the ship, so we really enjoyed the show they gave us, we ordered all the desserts they had at dinner (just because we could🙉), and enjoyed every single second.

Friday morning we had breakfast at 7am and everyone was supposed to be off the ship at 9. So we left the ship, got our suitcases, called our shuttle service, went back to our hotel, where we had parked the car and started driving towards home again. Our goal was at least to go to South Carolina that day (which would have been half the trip), but as we didn’t really stop too often an the desire for our own beds was really big, so we drove and drove and drove and decided we were not too tired to drive until 3am at night. We drove a 17 hour trip in one day. ONE DAY. It was crazy and it made us very happy at the same time. That gave us the possibility to enjoy the weekend at home, before school and work starts again on Monday morning.


The whole trip has been amazing. I had such a great time and I am definitely doing a Cruise again very soon! (probably not a Disney one though, because it’s very expensive and made for families, not for 19 year old girls, who are too old for kid’s activities and too young for adult activities (basically drinking🙉)).


After sleeping in on Saturday I went outside in the snow with my boys for a little bit,

before I decided that I should really go and see my friends again, since I’m not gonna be there for the next 2 weekends again and I had not seen them in 3 weeks. So I got picked up by Rabea’s host dad (my host mum had left her car at work, so I didn’t have one) and we spent a nice evening at their house with Rabea and Marie, we cooked a delicious dinner, slept, made an amazing breakfast and it was just good to see my friends again.😊

We went out for dinner and since we were already at the Mall, we did a little shopping,

before I picked up my host mum’s car, dropped off Marie at home and finally went home again, not really ready to go back to work again tomorrow.😔

But that’s just life, I guess. We can’t just stop it and go on vacation all the time.

Or can we?

I hope everyone is doing great and I’ll be back in two weeks with hopefully a lot of new experiences and a new country I visited.


So much love, Kathi ❤️






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