week 25/26 – Canada!

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We’d just arrived home on Saturday and the week started and everyone went back to work. Everyone. Even me. But just for a couple days. I worked Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, before it was time again to pack my suitcases and start my journey to another vacation! 😊

Once again, I had decided to leave the country and get to know the part of North America that I hadn’t seen. YET. On Thursday afternoon, at 4:30pm, my host mum and the boys dropped me off at the airport and I went to check in. (Once again my passport brought some trouble but after about 20 minutes the people were able to check me in.🙈)

My flight left at 6:50pm and I got lucky to not have someone sitting next to me. After a little overlay in Seattle, and another hour in a plane, I arrived safe and sound in Vancouver at the airport, where I waited for Luisa, who was flying in from New York.:)


We spend a couple hours at the airport (we both arrived around 1am and had time until 6am to make our way to the meeting point for our tour). So we had some food, changed our clothes, put on new make up and brushed our teeth, to be a little fresh again. Afterwards we took the train downtown, grabbed some breakfast, met up with all the people who booked the same tour as we did and around 7:30am we finally were in the bus and on our way. (And of course, life proved us wrong one more time. We had expected the people on the tour to be more American or even Canadian, I don’t even know why. But of course, about a quarter of the group was German!🙉)

Final destination: the ROCKY MOUNTAINS.😊

We spent a lot of time in the bus, not without stopping at some nice places to take pictures, get some food or using the bathroom.

Our first stop was HOPE, a little town just 1.5 hours outside of Vancouver. It is famous for the movie RAMBO that was filmed there. It’s a cute little town within the mountains 😊

We spent another hour or 2 in the bus before we stopped in Kamloop for a lunch break. We didn’t get to see a lot of the town because we just stopped at the mall to get some quick food and our journey went on towards Revelstoke, where we were able to get our dinner and boos for the night and we made it to the Mountain View Cabins around 6:30pm.

The cabins were super cute little houses with beds and a little bathroom. There were 15 of these and a huge one with tables and benches and a little ‘kitchen’ (more like a fireplace and a microwave).

We made a campfire and everyone ate the dinner we had bought before and the volunteers had prepared everything to make some s’mores and we had some beers. The atmosphere was amazing and we had a great night and the chance to get to know the other travelers better.😊

The next morning, we got breakfast (muffins, bananas and cereal) and we went on a little snow shoe hike. The cold air helped us waking up and we were all in a good mood, when we went on with the bus to our next adventures.

Our next stop was at the Rocky Mount Buffalo Ranch, where the owner told us a bit about his buffalos and we got some more stunning views of the mountains around us.

Afterwards we had another activity that we really enjoyed. We went snow tubing! It was all fun and we went together and in big groups and got stuck in the snow and enjoyed it so much. As we still had time we went to have a coffee and warm up a little  bit afterwards, before the bus took us to Lake Emerald.


Lake Emerald is a huge lake right in front of the mountains and it was just BEAUTIFUL. We got the feeling that we just jumped into a picture book, so pretty was everything. It looked almost unreal.🙈

Before we arrived at the hotel that night, we had one last stop at some frozen waterfalls. It was a little hike through a canyon and we were exhausted afterwards, but it was totally worth it. We needed to go through a little cave to get there and it was all icy and slippery, but as soon as we were there and saw the waterfalls and the water that was still running under the ice in a little lake.

When we arrived at the hotel later on, we were all so exhausted. We had about 2.5 hours of free time where we could go and eat and get ready to go out that night, but we were way too tired, took a little nap and slowly got ready. When we finally figured out that we should eat something, we had about half an hour left, so we just went to eat a slice of pizza, before we met with the group again to go to the nearest pub. It was nice there, the drinks were cheap and we all were in a good mood. It was funny and because we knew, that this was not our last stop that night, we didn’t drink too much. Which was a mistake. When we got to the Club later on, everything was so expensive. We didn’t really know what to expect, so I just figured I would buy three of the girls and me a shot to start with. These turned out to be 30$ in total, so that was the only drink we had in there. We went dancing for a while and it was a really fun night 🙂 after a couple hours, Luzi and Laura and I decided to leave the club and go back to the pub, to give the evening a nice ending. (And we were REALLY thirsty.🙈)

We had a nice night and were just a little tired the next morning, but as soon as we went outside, the freezing air made everyone wake up.

We drove to another frozen lake, where we had the possibility to sled down on it and we took a lot of pictures and videos and it was once again just stunning ☺️

Afterwards the ‘hangover activity’ was next. We drove to Banff’s hot springs, where we had a little time to enjoy the hot water, before we drove back to Banff to eat and shop and explore the little town a little bit. In the afternoon, we stopped at the Eisenhower Mountain, which are impressive mountains, that are just huge, before we went on to Lake Louise, where we went ice skating, played a little ice hockey, had hot chocolate and took many many pictures.🙈

We had a great time and enjoyed our evening in a little Club in golden, where we spent the night in a Motel.


The next morning was the final morning already and we had a long journey ahead of us. So we started driving at 9, stopped only for food and restroom breaks and to get a last view  of the mountains and some good shots of the whole group.☺️


Around 7 we were back in Vancouver and it was time to say goodbye to most of the group. We had already made plans for the next days, though, so the goodbyes were not forever. Luisa and I went to our hostel and since Luzi didn’t have a place to stay either, she spontaneously joined us ☺️ So the three of us had some dinner and drinks and went to bed early because we were so exhausted from the tour!


Tuesday morning was beautiful, so we went up the Harbor Center, to get a great view over the city and walked towards Stanley park afterwards, which is a HUGE park right next to the city. We walked through forests and by the famous Totem Poles and a little light house and it had gotten really warm and it was just beautiful! ❤️

In the evening we went up the Harbor Center again to get a view at night, before we met up with Ida, one of the Norwegian girls we met at the tour. We went out for dinner and had some drinks afterwards (if we’re able to drink, we gotta do that every singe day!😉)


On Wednesday the hostel offered a free hiking tour in Lynn Canyon, which we decided to join and it was BEAUTIFUL! It’s a place where it always rained and we went over a suspension bridge and saw some great spots in the forest. It was so different then the Rockies and it is so amazing to have spots like that right outside the city!

We spent the evening with the people from the tour again, we went out to have some Poutine (something Canadian) and went to the West Trek Reunion afterwards where they showed the video of our tour that we’re all gonna get on some point. It was a nice evening and a great last night in Vancouver.

The next morning we got up super early to catch our bus to go to Seattle to spend the last two days of our trip in the city of flowers.

We stayed with a friend of Luisa’s mum, who was super generous and nice and even though they had two dogs, I am happy I got to meet the couple.

We went sightseeing and spend a couple hours in the Pike Place Market (they have delicious tastings, having lunch before that was kinda unnecessary!) We also got a glance from the top of the Space Needle over the whole city ☺️

Furthermore we went to one of the islands in front of Seattle, Bainbridge Island, which was really sweet, and of course we visited the gum wall and sat on the golden pig in front of the market place (it’s supposed to give you luck). ☺️


It’s been a day since I’m home now and I’m still proceeding all the impressions I got and I still can’t believe that I got to see so many beautiful things in such a small amount of time.

I only saw a tiny little spot of Canada and I’m totally in love. So in love, that today, I booked my flights for my next trip there! I’m excited to see another city of this beautiful country soon and I already know it’s gonna be amazing! Especially since my sister’s gonna be with me and also my lovely friend Marie 😍

I hope you all do okay and consider your next vacation to be in Canada! 😉

Love, Kathi ❤️






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