week 27

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life went rapidly back to normal. I started working Sunday night and pretty much worked every day until Saturday night, with a break on Saturday to do some education that I still need.

Work is hard and the boys are driving me crazy. Especially on days like Tuesday, when school gets cancelled because it might be snowing during the day. I don’t really get what’s going on here, but schools in our county are allowed to give kids 14 (!!!!!) days off of school when it’s snowing or too cold for kids to go to school. Yes, they consider some temperatures to be too cold to go outside (-10° CELCIUS. I get, that that’s cold, but the school has heating.)

Anyways, on snow days, I work 10 hours in a row, from 8 to 6, which is not fun. I miss out on my morning nap, I need to entertain them the whole time, we’re mostly not really able to go outside, because it’s either snowing or raining and they just want to watch tv the whole day (which we definitely don’t do).

But  on Friday night, I was off a little early, so I went out to watch Deadpool with Marie, which was hilarious! You should definitely go and see that!

Saturday morning I went to the Daughters of the American Revolution Museum (DAR), to complete one of 6 classes that I still need to take. We got lucky and finished it within 3 hours instead of 6 that it was supposed to last.

So Alex and I picked up Marie, went to Target, bought ourselves some food and we went home, after we dropped Alex up at home. Marie helped me with the boys that night, we cleaned up pretty much the whole house and as soon as the boys were in bed we had a little movie night 🙂

We had a lazy Sunday, only left the house to go get some food (and stop by the apple store, where people told me once again, that they can’t fix my phone).

In the evening I joined Daleen at her cluster meeting, we went to play some Lasertag, which was fun, but it’s much better when there are kids with you, who take that a lot more serious and actually chase you around there all the time. (Grown ups are more walking around, trying to avoid everyone else…)

FullSizeRender 3

So there’s not much happening right now, which is okay, but I’m really excited to see my sister finally again on Friday and look forward to some crazy days with her 🙂

Love, Kathi ❤️


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