week 29

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It’s been a busy week.

While I was working my normal hours, my sister wanted to get active, we came up with some things to do 😊

Monday we picked up Marie and went to the Arlington Cemetery, which is a huge Army National Military Cemetery.


Afterwards we went to Alexandria, a sweet little town south of DC, where we spent a couple hours, visited the harbor and had some Italian lunch. (TIP: never eat Italian in the US.)


On Tuesday, the boys had no school, because of the pre elections, and my host mum stayed home to give me the day off. I’m finally 20 now! It was my birthday, but since it was a Tuesday and all of my friends needed to work, we just skyped with our parents and went shopping afterwards. My host mum took us all out for dinner at a Hibachi place and  Daleen and Marie stopped by in the evening for a couple minutes and that was that.


Wednesday we stayed home and in bed until the boys got home from school and I worked my normal hours again.

On Thursday, things got a little stressy.

We went to Great Falls Park in the morning to do a little hike (or maybe more like a long walk), got lunch and picked up the boys afterwards. When we got home, I dropped them all up and made sure they started their homework, before I got in the car again to go and pick up Chris, Hanna’s boyfriend. When we got home late, I had forgotten to make dinner and it was all a little messy, but we all managed to go through everything and put the boys to bed, before we all went to bed ourselves.😃

On Friday, Hanna and Chris went to DC alone, because I didn’t have the time while the boys were in school and in the evening we had some delicious cheesecake, that my host mum made for my birthday 🙂

On Saturday we went to DC again. I had a Museum class and since both of them are interested in different things, they also went to museums.

After lunch at Vapiano, we drove to a mall, did a little shopping and had dinner at the Cheescake factory 😊



On Sunday, we finally made it to Baltimore! I tried a couple times to go there before, but it never really worked out, but now it did.

We took an early bus to be there before noon, walked around a little bit, saw the inner Harbor and Little Italy, had some fantastic BBQ for lunch, met Daleen and one of her friends for a bit, spent some times in Barnes and Nobles and went for coffee, before we made our way home again 😊


All in all it has been a great week! 😊


Love, Kathi ❤️


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