week 30 / Toronto / Niagara Falls

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The Friday before, it was snowing. SNOWING! And then the new week came in and suddenly it got really warm. And that’s great!


But, because I’m good at that, when it’s best, I leave.

So on Friday afternoon, when I was done working, Alex dropped me and Marie off at the airport and there we went, to the cold again.

Our destination: TORONTO.

Where we met with Hanna and Chris again. We went out for some drinks on Friday night which was really nice.

Saturday morning, after we had breakfast in our hostel, we walked through Toronto, to see something of the city.

It was really nice and since the sun was shining it didn’t feel too cold.:)


For the afternoon there was another thing on our schedule. It was time to finally check some more things on my bucket list.

So we drove all the way to the Niagara Falls!

The falls are stunning and I am so glad we got to watch them from the Canadian side!


Afterwards we went to have some fancy dinner, which was really delicious (and expensive.)🙈

Before we drove back to Toronto, to get some more drinks, we went back to the falls one more time, to also see them when they are illuminated at night.:)


Back in Toronto, we endet our time together in a small pub, enjoying the legal alcohol one more time. (Yes, we miss it. A LOT!)

After breakfast on Sunday, it was time to leave again, so Hanna and Chris dropped us off at the airport and home we went.

I am glad I got to meet my sister again, so far away from our home and we all had a good time 🙂

I spent my afternoon in my bed (that’s what Sunday’s are for, right?) and talked to some of my favorite people back home. (okay, not exactly back home. Ukrainian home.)

I hope you’re all fine and since Summertime already started last night, I hope everyone has a great summer!


Love, Kathi ❤️


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