week 31/32 Atlanta/Springbreak/Easter

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Happy Easter, everyone! I hope everyone who celebrates it, spends the day with their families and loved ones.❤️


I haven’t been updating my blog last week, because there was just no time for it.

Last Friday, we had the car packed and right after school ended, we took of to another road trip. Today’s destination:

Atlanta, Georgia.😊

A 10 hour journey to the Capital of the southern state. We spent the night in South Carolina to get some sleep and arrived in Atlanta on Saturday around noon, where we met my host mum’s sister and her family, including her au pair 😊

We went to Coca Cola World, the museum about how Coca Cola was founded in Atlanta in 1886 and it’s way up and around the world until today. It was really interesting and we were able to try different flavors all over the world and saw all the different designs and bottles sold in all the countries in the world (except North Korea and Cuba).


Saturday we visited the CNN studios, who also have their head quarter in Atlanta. We participated in a tour, in which we saw how the news are made, how people there work together and what different channels they have.

I spent the afternoon with Emma (the other au pair) alone, we walked through the city and enjoyed the time without kids 😉



We spent the Monday in the Aquarium, had a Behind the scenes tour, watched Whalesharks (the biggest shark of the world), fed and pet Sea Otters and saw a lot of other lovely animals.😊



Around 4pm, it was time for us to hit the road, we were planning on driving home all the way that day. We arrived around 3am and went right to sleep.

Because it was spring break for the boys, I worked all week the whole day. No break for me. A lot of playground time. I am so happy that school starts again tomorrow, I couldn’t do it much longer.

Friday night, we went once again to Rebounderz and had a good time there 😊

IMG_4736 2


On Saturday, I didn’t really have any plans, but because the weather was nice, I figured I should go outside. So I went to the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna, to admire the beauty of the cherry blossoms and sit down and read a couple hours.🌸😍

I spent the evening with Marie and her family, who is visiting from Germany. We cooked something and had a nice dinner together (Oh, how I miss German dinners and sitting at the table for hours, talking!)

Today, Easter Sunday, I didn’t do anything and spent the whole day in my bed. That was probably the saddest and loneliest Easter I ever had, but I didn’t want to do anything else.

Happy Easter, everyone! 🐣🌸🐰❤️

Love, Kathi.❤️



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