week 32-35 / being home

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I know, it’s been a while. I admit it: I was too lazy. And also, I figured, that it’s not the most interesting thing to read about how I spend a weekend in bed 😃

Anyway, now three weekends have passed and I got to spend a lot of quality time with my friends here, so it’s worth telling it 😊

The  first weekend of April, we spent Friday night at the cheesecake factory, had a class and went shopping for dresses on Saturday, ate at the California pizza kitchen that night and spent Sunday at Rabea’s.


On April 8th, it was Rabea’s 21st birthday! So we all went to her house, had some Texan Barbecue, cake and a lot of fun. The 21+ people went out later that night, while we needed to go home 😃🙈

The day after, I had another class in DC, and we met at Jane’s house afterwards to get ready for the International Ball at the Naval Academy in Annapolis! We had heard from former Au Pairs about it and had a great night! They had different snacks (even German!), good music and, of course, a lot of handsome men in uniforms! 🙊😍



I spent Sunday in bed, we didn’t get home until after 2am, so I was happy to not have any plans. Except the twins’ birthday. They had already had their party the day before, because that was the only day, their aunts and grandparents could come, so on Sunday we didn’t really celebrate. But they got presents and there was still some selfmade cake! ☺️



And finally last weekend, I spent with the girls again. (yes, I know, it’s getting boring to read.) We basically just ate. I went to Silver Diner with Marie on Friday, we had class on Saturday, went to eat Döner in DC, helped Rabea pack boxes to ship to Germany, went to the Cheesecake Factory, slept over at Rabea’s, brought the packages to the polish company (not without buying some German goods at their store!) and went to eat at California Pizza Kitchen. Yes, we really just ate. And spent way  too much money. 😫🙈

I did have a good time with my friends the last couple weeks, but I am graving vacations! By now, it’s only 7 more days to my next one, but it feels like I am really in need of getting out of my daily routine. 7 more days to New Orleans and one of my German friends! ☺️

See you then!

Love, Kathi ❤️



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