week 36/37 / New Orleans

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Another weekend I spent at home!

But I also finally got to finish my classes on Saturday when Marie and I went to the Air and Space Museum. Last class! 😊

The rest of the day we went hiking with Rabea and Damien in great falls, which was kinda nice and had dinner at Clare and Don’s 🙂

Sunday I met Mina for lunch (after we went to a flea market that pretty much didn’t exist 😃), and had a cluster meeting afterwards. We went to a weird Museum and had some coffee afterwards.



And then, finally, Monday came and Tuesday came and after I had worked the morning, Marie picked me up, we had lunch and she dropped me off at the Metro station and there I went into a new adventure!

My flight should’ve left at 7:15pm, but we actually started a couple hours later…😫

So it was past midnight, when I finally got to New Orleans where my dear friend Lydia was already waiting for me.

We met our couch surfer in town and went back to his house where he wrote down everything we should definitely do during our stay, before we all went to sleep.

Wednesday morning, we walked to a cute cafe to have breakfast (yes, you can actually walk places down there!🙈)

We walked through the Garden District, visited one of the famous cemeteries, took the St Charles Street Car and ended up in the French Quarter with its beautiful houses and stores and all the crazy stores and bars and live music everywhere! It was really nice, at least until it started pouring rain and we were kinda forced to sit in a café for a little over an hour. Afterwards we went by the Mississippi a little bit and made our way back to the house, which was uptown.

When Robert (the couch surf guy) came home from work, we went out for dinner with him and his friend to a really good sea food restaurant (what else would we eat in New Orleans) and we went to the famous Cafe du Mond afterwards. We had a really nice time! 😊

On Thursday, we went to whole foods to buy some breakfast and found some really good bread! Then we didn’t really have a plan and because it was rainy and kinda cold, we went to the french quarter again, sat in a cafe, went through a couple stores, and went shopping afterwards, because we were so wet. In new shoes and jackets we went home and cooked some dinner ourselves to save some money and hung out with Robert again.😊

On Friday, our last day, we went to the Jazz and Heritage Festival, which is one of the big festivals in New Orleans, that everyone said we shouldn’t miss!

It was a lot different than the Festivals where I have been before and the music was kinda different than we had expected, but we had a great day! It was warm and sunny the whole day (I got really sunburned😫) and there were people everywhere and the food was good and in the end we got to see Paul Simon, who was really good 😊 (and pretty much the only person we had heard of before)

We spent the rest of the evening (jazz fest ended at 7🙈)  at home, watching movies, eating and packing our stuff and that was already the end of our vacation! 😔

On Saturday morning I got up around 5 and it was time to say goodbye already. My Uber driver (who was really funny and really southern) dropped me off at the airport and back I flew to Virginia again.

I was back around 2 and went out for lunch and some shopping with Daleen, before I really had the chance to get in my bed and sleep. Which I also did pretty much the whole Sunday.🙈

New Orleans has been a great city and everybody who ever gets the chance, should definitely go there!

And I can’t wait to have Lydia over at my house for the next week ☺️


Love, Kathi ❤️


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