About me :)

50 Facts about me:

Hello Mr President!

  1. My name is Kathi Koltes
  2. I’m 19 years old
  3. From Germany
  4. I grew up in Trier, the oldest city of Germany
  5. I have an older sister and a younger brother (sandwich kid)
  6. Yes, I have red hair, I’m a ginger.
  7. Gingers do have a soul
  8. I’m an au pair
  9. It’s my first time in the US
  10. I like being here
  11. I’ve never been so far away for so long
  12. I’m gonna stay a whole year
  13. But I appreciate growing up in Germany.
  14. I will not live here forever
  15. I lived in West Virginia for two months
  16. I was in rematch (which was horrible)
  17. I found a great family!
  18. I love big cities
  19. I love Netflix
  20. I watch too many series
  21. I love my kids. Although they drive me crazy.
  22. I would be lost without my phone.
  23. I miss my best friends. Like crazy.
  24. I miss beer. (and alcohol in general)
  25. I miss the German bread. (and other silly things like that)
  26. I love reading.
  27. I love traveling (-> bucket list)
  28. Eating is my biggest hobby.
  29. I’m afraid of getting fat here.
  30. I hate doing sports.
  31. I like having money. And I love spending it.
  32. Trying to save a lot of money for my travel month (totally bad at it)
  33. I love working with kids.
  34. Me and my kids teach each other a lot. (Yes, I do learn some things from 8 and 10 year olds)
  35. If you want to see my boys, be friends with me on Facebook.
  36. I need to go to concerts and festivals this year. Just haven’t figured out where and when.
  37. I like driving cars. (loved the cadillac of my first family. BIG CAR!)
  38. I love Chick flicks! The more schmaltzy, the better.
  39. I hate scary movies. They scare the shit out of me.
  40. I do think, the old disney series are awesome. (Hannah Montana, Zack and Cody…)
  41. I am panically afraid of dogs.
  42. I don’t like spiders. But dogs are worse.
  43. I don’t really like Christmas.
  44. I hate Carnival.
  45. I am Christian, but not really religious.
  46. I want to be skinnier and to be in better shape.
  47. I use many social networks, not because i need it, but because it is fun.
  48. I like to sing, although I’m a terrible singer.
  49. I keep a diary, so I always can write down what I feel and what I can’t tell anyone.
  50. There are only 49 things. I can’t come up with a 50th.

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