Visited Places




I know, you can see where I’ve been in my blog already, and also in the bucket list part.. But I think it’s impressive what I really get to see here, so I’m gonna list it all. I need to remind myself, that I’m blessed. And that I know, how amazing it is, what I can experience in my year.

  1. West Virginia – lived there for 2 months
  2. Virginia – living here since August
  3. New York – been in Manhattan the first 5 days of my stay in the US and the days around christmas
  4. Pennsylvania – been camping there and twice to Philly
  5. Washington DC -living so close, I can take the Metro there
  6. Kentucky – went to Louisville for a weekend to visit my first host families grandparents
  7. Illinois – visited Chicago for 4 days
  8. Maryland – really close to us. Been hiking there and in the cabin of Rabea’s host family
  9. Washington – included Seattle into my Canada trip
  10. Florida – been to Orlando and Miami on the way to our cruise
  11. Georgia – went for spring break with my family to Atlanta
  12. Louisiana – met Lydia in New Orleans for Jazz fest
  13. California – amazing vacation with Hanna in LA and San Fran


Not on the map:

  1. Mexico – I have only been to Cozumel, which is the island right in front of Cancun, but it’s Mexico
  2. Bahamas – just the Disney island Castaway Cay, but amazing day with heavenly weather
  3. Canada – have been to Vancouver and the Rockies, Toronto and the Niagara Falls šŸ™‚

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