March / spring break

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On march 3rd, exams were finally over. No more studying, no more desperately trying to understand all the math and statistics, that we’d never seen before. It’s been hard, but we managed to get our best possible outcomes (not that the results were that great).

Since then, I’ve been in Trier and Saarbrücken, living with my parents or Jonas, spending lots of time with my friends, spending a lot of time at the gym, doing shopping trips. Also, I decided to try out, living as a vegan (which is hard, when you’re a meat lover, but it’s been three weeks and I’m starting to enjoy it.)

We also went to the Netherlands and had some great days a at the beach, even though it was too cold to swim. We went for walks, sat in beach cafés, cooked tasty food, played cards at night and got back super relaxed 🙂

I’ll just leave some expressions since there’s not much more to tell 🙂

Love, Kathi  ❤️