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Hi everyone! 😊

I know, I created this as an Au Pair blog, but since I’m not an au pair anymore, but still have a life, I figured, I could just continue writing. Just because I like it.🙈

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote something and a lot has changed since then.

2016 started as a good year and ended pretty good as well. I went on so many vacations and had so much fun exploring places and meeting people, that I kinda miss it. But it’s a new year and I’m working on it so it’s gonna be even better than the last. 😊

Somewhere around September life hit me up and I made decisions about what I was gonna do with my life. I got into university of Paderborn, which is why I moved there at the beginning of October. I met tons of new people, made some friends and we had a great few months, and before we knew it, the semester was over and our exams are next week and we didn’t study enough. I was just too busy enjoying my life, drinking, meeting the expectations of my (by now) long distance relationship and just having fun. So now we’re studying day and night to pass our exams and afterwards  we’ll just do the same as before until the end of next semester and we’re gonna be just as surprised that we already need to study again.🙈

Anyways, like I said, the year ended pretty well with a nice little vacation in Spain, where Jonas and I visited my sister, who’s been studying there for a semester. We had a great time and enjoyed the last days of the year before we spend New Years Eve with some of my friends and had a lovely start in the new year (except the part that I had forgotten my keys and we were needed to try to wake up my parents only 4 hours into the year.)

I could go on and on about every little thing that happened in the last few month but I guess, that’s it for now, I’ll let some pictures do the rest. 😊

I’ll write some more again from now on, about my life as a student in a new city and if you wanna read it, you’re very welcome to! If not, I’ll just write for myself. 😊

Love, Kathi ❤️



8th week / Tyler Ward / Weekend Class

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Hello! Another exciting week went by, here’s what happened:

About 2 weeks ago, I read a blog entry of a girl who is an au pair in Atlanta at the moment, who went to a Tyler Ward concert, which made me a little bit jealous. But I didn’t really think about it afterwards until Monday, when I read on Facebook about him being in Vienna (a small town 25 miles away) on Tuesday. So I called a few people, found 3 more who wanted to see him, bought tickets and on Tuesday night, we got to go there! It was a really nice show with a nicely small crowd, we all got to talk to him afterwards (which was weird because we needed to wait in line), and we met his friends, who are on tour with him, because they were selling t-shirts (yes, of course I bought one!) and we had a great time with them while we were waiting.:) He is a really nice guy and I feel so lucky that I saw him! 😍

IMG_7150 IMG_7159 FullSizeRender 142

I used my Wednesday morning to talk to my all time favorite people in Ukraine and Ulm, because we didn’t get to talk about all the interesting stuff that happens to us and to the people we know. I really enjoyed it and I definitely need a repetition of that!😊

I love you, girls!
I love you, girls!

On Tuesday morning, I went shopping with Daleen, because we really needed some winter clothes. Guess what we bought. And guess what we still need 😃🙈 (yes, all the shirts were on sale!) So I will need to give it a second try, but that’s totally fine, we still had an awesome time 😊


And then it was finally me my favorite time again: THE WEEKEND!

I worked until 7, because I went to a parade of a few schools with my family. It’s comparable with the German carnivall. Students have small groups (the Footballers, the basketballs, the cheerleaders, the homecoming kings and queens…) and they make a parade where they march from one school to another and give candy to the people who are standing on the sidewalk.

Afterwards I went to Rebounderz again with Rabea, Julia, Hanna, Alex and Emily. It was Family Friday, which means that every group with more than 3 people gets to jump 2 hours, plus 2 slices of pizza plus one soda! We had a lot of fun jumping around, and the pizza at the end (you’re not allowed to have the pizza first, so no one can vomit on the trampolines. yes, it’s reasonable.)


We were so exhausted afterwards but we also decided to do this now once a month, so we get enough exercise. (And pizza! ❤️🙈)

We left Rebounderz because they were just about to close, so Rabea and I drove home to her house, where we met her hosted and his father. We talked to them for a bit before I needed to face my homework for our weekend class on Saturday. It ‘only’ took me 2 hours to complete an essay about G. Washington, a comparison about the German and the American Constitution and a worksheet we got in our first lesson. It was horrible. We went to bed at 2:30 and got up at 7 again. Thanks God, there ist this amazing place called Starbucks, that gives you as much coffee as you need to wake up, so we were at the Archives (the place where we met our teacher) on time. We went to 3 different museums, which were okay, but not the most interesting ones. The lunch break was good, though, we went to Vapiano with all the German ones in our group (and the spanish girl, Rabea and I are sharing room with in Philadelphia)

And yes, there is ONE boy in our class. I’m not sure if this is heaven or hell for him🙈. But he is very nice 🙂


After our class, we decided to make some plans for the night, to hang out in DC together, but the plans turned out to be starting right after class, because there was not enough time to drive all the way home again. So we did a little shopping, had some more coffee and wanted to go play pool. We got to the pool bar, just to realize again, how hard it can be to be under 21. There is no chance of doing something fun in cities like DC. (We asked some firemen about it, they told us to go home and watch tv.) I FEEL LIKE I’M 15 AGAIN! 🙈

So we just went to the cheesecake factory, where we had some food, and afterwards we went home, not without making some new plans for Sunday.

I slept over at Rabea’s again (sorry for giving you a hard time while I was asleep). Btw, thank you for the last 3 weekends! There will be more! 😊


We kinda slept in on Sunday, had breakfast and headed out to pick up Vici, to go to a Miniature Golf and Baseball place, where we met everyone else from the day before again. We had a fun time on maybe one of the last sunny Sundays and I’m excited to see you again next weekend! (Or at least in 2 weeks.😃)


I had a wonderful weekend and I hope the next one will be even better!

Love, Kathi ❤️

P.S.: Tomorrow is Columbus Day and I can sleep until 12! 😍