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week 43/44/45

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Summer has started and everything and nothing is happening.😊

We went indoor skydiving, watched me before you, had my oldest’s birthday party (2 weeks early), went to the pride festival in DC, saw Melanie Martinez, Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor live.

Celebrated my oldest’s graduation from elementary school and the beginning of summer, went to the pool a lot, had a girls’ night, watched me before you, watched now you see me, went to see Finding Dory.

Had day camp where I helped out, shot some arrows with bows, shot some BB’s, learned something about medicine, tried not to die in all the thunder storms and tornado warning (don’t worry, we all made it), played some soccer, watched some soccer, went to the pool, went out for brunch, tried to not spend money, met for ice cream, watched another movie, went to parks, went out for dinner, spent time resting, went for walks, and again to the pool.

Days are long but with not so much stress. 4 days until my next vacation and 14 to the last plane that I’m gonna take in this adventure. 15 days until I’m landing in Germany and need to go back to my old life. 15 days that couldn’t be any slower and a whole year that is over and went flying away. It’s a weird stage and it’s gonna be hard to leave, but good to be home 😊

Love, Kathi ❤️

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6 months / Halftime

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It is December 15th. You know what that means? Exactly. On June 15th, 6 months ago, I left my home in Germany, to fly to New York and there are so many things that happened ever since.

I went to my orientation days in New York. 5 days living on the Upper West Side!

I moved to Huntington, WV, which didn’t really work out for me, but I lasted 2 months 😉

I went to Rematch, which was probably the hardest time since I’m here.

I found my lovely host family in Ashburn, VA, where I live ever since.😊

These are all the things that everybody already knows. But what was going on with me?

Well, I am 19 years old, living in the US, about 6000 miles away from home. I do have the time of my life here, but that doesn’t mean, that I’m happy 24/7. There are good times and there are bad times. I know, it always sounds really good in my blog and all the pictures on Instagram only show the cool stuff, but to be honest, being an au pair is probably the most exhausting thing I’ve ever done. I work 45 hours per week, 2 of my 3 kids have ADHD, the family situation is not perfect. My relationship broke apart because of the distance. I have a whole life here for this year and that makes it sometimes hard to catch up on peoples’ lives in Germany.  There are the bad times. When I miss Germany, when I miss my friends, my family. What I really strongly miss, though, is the food. Can you imagine that? (okay, most of you know me, you can imagine that.) Out of all the things that I left behind. I’ve never been so happy about finding Leberwurst in a supermarket. Or reading the word Currywurst on a menu (even though it wasn’t a good one.) I don’t say, that the food here isn’t good or I don’t like the US. But I do like the German food better and that is one big thing I really wanna do first when I’m back. I realized, that since I am here, I do appreciate growing up in Germany in way more than before and I love being able to call that nation my home. As a little girl, I always imagined living in the USA, the huge country full of possibilities. Where everyone can become someone big. Well, I knew, that it wouldn’t be like this, before I came here, but I was a little disappointed about it. There are so many things that go wrong in this country, starting at health insurance and education and there’s a whole list of other things. I know, they are working on it, but considering some of the candidates for the presidential election in 2016, there won’t be solutions for all the problems in this country any time soon. These and many other things made me really think about the country I wanna spend the rest of my life in and it will definetely not be the US (even though I am thinking about extending for another 9 months, but that decision still has time).

But I guess I can still consider myself lucky for everything I have and for all the places I get to see and all the people I get to meet. It is so totally worth it. I love my host family so much, they appreciate me, they like me, as I am and I still have all the freedom I need to do whatever I want to do on the days that I am not working.

So, I guess I’m done talking.

Let’s go back to all the good times by looking at all the cool places I’ve already been to! 🙂




Love, Kathi ❤️

8th week / Tyler Ward / Weekend Class

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Hello! Another exciting week went by, here’s what happened:

About 2 weeks ago, I read a blog entry of a girl who is an au pair in Atlanta at the moment, who went to a Tyler Ward concert, which made me a little bit jealous. But I didn’t really think about it afterwards until Monday, when I read on Facebook about him being in Vienna (a small town 25 miles away) on Tuesday. So I called a few people, found 3 more who wanted to see him, bought tickets and on Tuesday night, we got to go there! It was a really nice show with a nicely small crowd, we all got to talk to him afterwards (which was weird because we needed to wait in line), and we met his friends, who are on tour with him, because they were selling t-shirts (yes, of course I bought one!) and we had a great time with them while we were waiting.:) He is a really nice guy and I feel so lucky that I saw him! 😍

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I used my Wednesday morning to talk to my all time favorite people in Ukraine and Ulm, because we didn’t get to talk about all the interesting stuff that happens to us and to the people we know. I really enjoyed it and I definitely need a repetition of that!😊

I love you, girls!
I love you, girls!

On Tuesday morning, I went shopping with Daleen, because we really needed some winter clothes. Guess what we bought. And guess what we still need 😃🙈 (yes, all the shirts were on sale!) So I will need to give it a second try, but that’s totally fine, we still had an awesome time 😊


And then it was finally me my favorite time again: THE WEEKEND!

I worked until 7, because I went to a parade of a few schools with my family. It’s comparable with the German carnivall. Students have small groups (the Footballers, the basketballs, the cheerleaders, the homecoming kings and queens…) and they make a parade where they march from one school to another and give candy to the people who are standing on the sidewalk.

Afterwards I went to Rebounderz again with Rabea, Julia, Hanna, Alex and Emily. It was Family Friday, which means that every group with more than 3 people gets to jump 2 hours, plus 2 slices of pizza plus one soda! We had a lot of fun jumping around, and the pizza at the end (you’re not allowed to have the pizza first, so no one can vomit on the trampolines. yes, it’s reasonable.)


We were so exhausted afterwards but we also decided to do this now once a month, so we get enough exercise. (And pizza! ❤️🙈)

We left Rebounderz because they were just about to close, so Rabea and I drove home to her house, where we met her hosted and his father. We talked to them for a bit before I needed to face my homework for our weekend class on Saturday. It ‘only’ took me 2 hours to complete an essay about G. Washington, a comparison about the German and the American Constitution and a worksheet we got in our first lesson. It was horrible. We went to bed at 2:30 and got up at 7 again. Thanks God, there ist this amazing place called Starbucks, that gives you as much coffee as you need to wake up, so we were at the Archives (the place where we met our teacher) on time. We went to 3 different museums, which were okay, but not the most interesting ones. The lunch break was good, though, we went to Vapiano with all the German ones in our group (and the spanish girl, Rabea and I are sharing room with in Philadelphia)

And yes, there is ONE boy in our class. I’m not sure if this is heaven or hell for him🙈. But he is very nice 🙂


After our class, we decided to make some plans for the night, to hang out in DC together, but the plans turned out to be starting right after class, because there was not enough time to drive all the way home again. So we did a little shopping, had some more coffee and wanted to go play pool. We got to the pool bar, just to realize again, how hard it can be to be under 21. There is no chance of doing something fun in cities like DC. (We asked some firemen about it, they told us to go home and watch tv.) I FEEL LIKE I’M 15 AGAIN! 🙈

So we just went to the cheesecake factory, where we had some food, and afterwards we went home, not without making some new plans for Sunday.

I slept over at Rabea’s again (sorry for giving you a hard time while I was asleep). Btw, thank you for the last 3 weekends! There will be more! 😊


We kinda slept in on Sunday, had breakfast and headed out to pick up Vici, to go to a Miniature Golf and Baseball place, where we met everyone else from the day before again. We had a fun time on maybe one of the last sunny Sundays and I’m excited to see you again next weekend! (Or at least in 2 weeks.😃)


I had a wonderful weekend and I hope the next one will be even better!

Love, Kathi ❤️

P.S.: Tomorrow is Columbus Day and I can sleep until 12! 😍

5th week

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Okay, I will never need to be concerned, when it comes to boredom caused by weekly routine. Never. This week was crazy. The boys’ dad got back from Thailand, Bobby died, the boys got crazy cube puzzles, that I needed to solve, a police car almost hit us and we got lizards. (Whaaaat?!😵)

But let’s start on Monday. The boys’ dad had been a week in Thailand for a work trip, he came home on Monday afternoon, just after the oldest one discovered that his fish, Bobby, had passed away and was sobbing for hours. The only way stopping his cries were the presents, their father brought them. They all got a few hundred Baths (thailandic money), that were worth only a few bucks. But it made the boys feel like they have a lot of money. They also got a different cube puzzle each, which are not possible to solve. So they were so desperate about that and begged for help, which is why I told them, I would solve them over night, although I know, you should never  make, promises you can’t hold! But I did it! Thanks God for the internet and youtube, which holds all the secret solutions to every puzzle the world knows about.😃

How is that ever gonna be a cube?!
How is that ever gonna be a cube?!


So that was that. Tuesday was better. A good day, if we want to call it like that. We did everything we were supposed to do, we figured out every conflict we had and we managed to do everything for school, we needed to do. Everything was just fine. Until i wanted to go to bed und needed to watch the cat throw up. IN MY BED. I mean, seriously?!😠 Why not during the morning, when I have enough time to wash everything?! Why did she need to do that in the first place? why not in her litter box? Well, I couldn’t do anything else than putting my sheets in the washer and the dryer and wait until everything was done.

The next days were okay. We had some happenings, like the police car who was driving next to us and wanted to change the lane. Into ours. My boys were screaming and my heart stopped, when his car almost touched ours. There was no way to make any space for him. But he did see us early enough to get back in his lane, which made us all be really thankful. But let me say one thing: AMERICANS DRIVE LIKE SH***! They’re such bad drivers, I have no words to explain that.

Friday after school, everyone was happy. The weekend was there, there was nothing we needed to do. (The kids don’t even have homework on Fridays.) So I took them to a basketball court, where we played the boys against me for about an hour. The boys are really good and thanks to my years of basketball training (cough, cough) they get even better the more we play together. Afterwards, we went home, played a little outside, made some dinner and….

…went to school again. 😮

But not to get some serious education. We went there with our camping chairs, and as soon as we jumped out of the cars, we could smell it. The popcorn and pizza and all the yummy sweets they sold, while everyone could sit down in front of the big canvas they had set up, to watch a movie under the stars!😊


The kids had a lot of fun, they got to see all of their friends on a weekend (even though they saw them at school in the morning, they were excited to see them again), and they had popcorn, skittles and ice cream.😃

Saturday, I didn’t really have any plans. So I slept in (no longer as 10, that’s not possible in this house, the boys are just too loud). Then I checked all my social media pages (yes, that’s what I do when I wake up) and found a post in a Facebook group for au pairs from a German girl, Chiara, who lived really close to me who was looking for friends. And who isn’t looking for friends these days? 😉 So I texted her and spontaneous as we are, we decided to meet up to do a little shopping together. So i picked her up and we spent literally 8 hours in 2 different malls, and many many stores (and maybe a litte bit in Chick-fil-A🙈). It was a fun day, even though we spent much more money than we wanted too. But everyone should agree with us that it’s smart to buy winter clothes now, when they’re still cheap, before they get really expensive when it gets colder 😃

Sunday, Chiara and I had made plans with the girls of my au pair group (Nina and Esra) and some other girl, who we ‘met’ on Facebook, to go to DC to do a little sightseeing. So we went to see the Washington Monument from all different perspectives and the Lincoln Memorial, and of course the White House (which I had already seen before). We had a great and long day, that we ended with a good food at a restaurant. (Can’t remember the name 🙈)

20150920182527 20150920182544 20150920182527-4IMG_6150IMG_6140

Weekends here are getting better and better! Let’s see, what the future will bring 😊

Love, Kathi ❤️

PS: Everyone knows, I don’t really like potatoes. (Or at least a few people know that.) Guess what’s the thing I cook the most for dinner, just because I really know how to do it? Correct: POTATOES 😃


PPS: Forgot to mention the lizards. The boys were crazy about getting lizards since I’m here. They told me they wanted lizards since they were little (as if they were big now, haha). But this weekend, it was finally here. Their dad took them to a pet store and got them some Anole’s (or whatever they’re called, I don’t really know). So now, everyone is freaking out about the new pets, the boys are so excited!

For everyone who (like me) didn’t know, what a lizard is: llmlacertaadult